Features of Windows 8.1

On 26th June, 2013, Microsoft launched its preview version of an update to Windows 8. For Microsoft, Windows 8.1 represents a chance to fix some of the issues the Windows 8 users had to face. Bringing the ‘Start’ button back is a sign that the company has been listening to its customers. This Preview version of Windows 8.1, in a way is what Windows 8 should have been. So let us see some of the best features of this Windows updated platform.

Boot to desktop

This time, more visual parity has been added between the start and desktop screens. Now, the users can use their desktop wallpaper as the background for the Start Screen. The Start button has also returned, so the users can directly boot to the desktop. The Strat button will take the user directly to Windows 8′s Start screen, so their won’t be any pop-up menu.

SkyDrive Integration

The updated platform has a deep Skydrive integration. It works just like iCloud syncing and enables syncing of settings and apps across multiple Windows 8 devices. It will also tell the user exactly where a file is saved. Furthermore, apps get automatically updated via the Windows Store. In fact, the Windows Store has been updated, making the app search much simpler.

Global Search

Global search is a new and innovative feature of this updated platform. It allows the user to search for a keyword and get results from the web, the documents and anything else in the computer or in a device connected to the computer.

Internet Explorer 11

The new Internet explorer has been added to the Windows 8.1 update. The IE 11 has the ability to sync the tabs. It also supports WebGL and Google’s SPDY as added features. Furthermore, the IE 11 will enable website owners to create separate ‘Live Tiles’ that could be pinned to the Start Screen to access RSS feeds. There is also a reading lists like feature and a feature to detect phone numbers on sites so that the user could call them using apps like Skype.

This Windows update includes numerous other amazing features. However, finally it depends on the users how they rate it. So, it will take time to know weather it is this step of the company is a success or not.

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