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With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft begins to deliver on the vision of personal computing. In the words of Microsoft this is the “new era of Windows” that extends across the broadest range of devices from the smallest to the largest screens.

Windows 10 is a perfect amalgamation of the winning qualities of Windows 7 and Windows 8. It brings the best of both desktop and the touchscreen worlds. This operating system is easy to use with mouse and keyboard and at the same time gets better touchscreen features. It is an operating system that has a fresh feel, yet looks amazingly familiar.

The legendary Start menu is back with a bang and Microsoft’s new virtual assistant Cortana and Edge browser infuse new life into Windows.

Microsoft has made sincere attempts to overcome the blunders of Windows 8 which was built for touch computing at a time when people were still using keyboards and trackpads. Windows 8 turned out to be a disastrous experience for users without touchscreens. However, with the launch of Surface tablet and touch-enabled PCs, Windows 8 started making bit of more sense to its users. But the damage was done and Windows 8 had created ruckus among users.  It was indeed a humbling experience for the tech giant.

Microsoft 10 has been tested rigorously by an army of beta testers for almost a year. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most robust operating system launched in the recent memory.

Time for Fresh Start (menu)

Windows 10 Start Menu
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

For almost 17 years, the Start menu was at the core the Windows Operating system. Windows 8 was yanked for the omission of the legendary Start Menu and replacing it with a full-screen Live Tiles menu. This control system worked perfect for tablets and touchscreens signifying a paradigm switch to full-screen, modern apps. For those without touchscreens, the basic fundamental was the same as Windows 7. Just Press the Start option on the keyboard, and move your cursor to (or type the name of) the thing you need access.

With Windows 10, you can customize Start menu by pinning anything you like such as apps, people, and playlists—for easy access.

Cortana: Smart Virtual Assistant

Windows 10 Cortana
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Hey Cortana!! The new virtual assistant of Windows 10 brings a lot of notable features. Whether you want to know the current weather, travel schedule, or simply want to perform a quick search on the web using Bing, Cortana can make your life simple. This intelligent virtual assistant can perform some quick search even without opening a web browser. If you don’t prefer voice commands, you can type in queries into the Cortana search box on the taskbar. You can also ask Cortana to set a quick reminder or research something on the net without disturbing your regular workflow. Cortana likes being personal and learns with time. You can inform Cortana about your preferences such as food, movies or travel and expect to get more personalized and relevant answers for future queries.

Edge: RIP Internet Explorer  

Windows 10 - Edge Browser
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

It is curtains down for Internet Explorer. Microsoft has created a browser “Edge” right from scratch. This brand new browser is in sync with modern time. With Edge, Microsoft washes it hands off ActiveX that turned IE into an excruciatingly slow performer. Inspired by minimalism, Edge is pure elegance from Microsoft. It wins us over with a simple interface. Just type in queries and voila most of them get answered right in Edge’s location bar without even clicking on the Enter button. Edge truly takes user experience to another level.

Continuum: Bridging the gap

Windows 10 - Continuum
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Windows 10 brings the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 with Continuum. This feature tries to bridge the gap between touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices. Whether you are looking for seamless touch screen experience or decide to work with keyboard or mouse, Continuum take things to a next level. Windows 10 customizes your experience for your device and display, anytime. Designed for optimum performance, you can change from desktop to tablet mode with a smooth transition and display.

Xbox App

Windows 10 Xbox App
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Windows 10 is an absolute delight to gaming geeks as it allows to stream games from Xbox One on your home network. Start recording your gameplay and stream games from your Xbox One console. All you need is to plug an Xbox One controller into your PC and start streaming to Windows 10 device from anywhere in the comfort of your home.


Windows 10 is available in 190 countries. A current Windows user (Windows 7 and 8), just needs to click the “Get Windows 10” app and click “Reserve Your Free Upgrade” to join the queue. It is free! The entire installation process takes up to 20-40 minutes, depending on your setup and is hands-free. Now you got one more reason to upgrade to Windows 10.


With Windows 10, Microsoft is in the right direction.  The tech giant has learnt from past mistakes and not forced changes on users by turning the operating system upside down. Windows 10 provides the most sophisticated experience to users and takes a significant leap forward in the mobile world.

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