What is iPhone Jailbreak?

iPhone 5 Jailbreak refers to crossing the limits applied by carrier i.e. AT&T or Verizon and Apple Inc. It lets the user customize, modify and install third party apps that are prohibited at the Apple store. By jailbreaking, the user can change default carrier used in the device. The user can use any SIM card in the device. So after jailbreaking iPhone 5, everything on the device can be customized.

Now let us discuss the safety factor. There are many ways to jailbreak the iPhone some are safe while some are not. Jailbreaking has many benefits that compel the iPhone users to do it. But what about safety and security of your device and data?

Hardware Jailbreak:

In hardware jailbreak, a chip is used.  The device is opened and the chip is installed in it. As it sounds, it could be unsafe, if you get it done from a random person. An unknown person can also harm your device or take advantage of your confidential details saved in it. It will also invalidate your warranty.

DIY Software Jailbreak:

The user has to surf through various hacking or jailbreaking websites and find a jailbreak software. This software will be installed on a PC and later it will be copied to the iPhone. By doing this, the device will be jailbroken. This is a bit safer than letting someone open up your device, but it still has a lot of possible dangers. Using a DIY software jailbreak exposes your handset to possible viruses and other malware. After all you don’t know who made the software and what were the intentions behind it.
Furthermore, if something goes wrong, there won’t be anyone for help. There are no contact numbers and email ids for your support. So you could possibly expose your confidential information to the hackers.

Full Service Jailbreak:

This is quite similar to a DIY software jailbreak, however instead of using an unsupported software from an underground hacker, you get the support, security, and safety for your iPhone. Not just full support, you will also get constant updates regarding the Jailbreak. In case anything goes wrong, you will have the option to reverse your jailbreak. So, this method is safe and secure.

So jailbreaking your iPhone 5 is safe, as far as it is done in the right way. But still, jaibreaking is illegal. If you want to do it just for amazing apps, then you do not need it. You can hire some expert iPhone developers who could provide the desired iPhone application development services to you.

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