Need to explore an Android app? No need to download it, use the instant version of it to explore the app. This is the basic idea behind the concept of ‘Android Instant Apps’. This year in Google I/O meeting, Google came up with this new concept on instant apps. Read on to know what do instant apps mean and how can we use it.

As the name suggests, instant apps are aimed to give instant access to users, without the need of installing the app. Though this version of the app won’t have all the features as the downloadable one, but you can surely get a glimpse of how the app works and its user interface. The size and features that the instant version can support is still not determined.

Where can you find Android instant app?

You can find it anywhere and everywhere. Suppose you search for a particular information in your phone browser, you get the link of the instant app right there. This means, along with displaying web pages results related to your search query, you get suggestions of Android full featured apps and also instant apps.

Follow the link of instant app to try it. This new concept of instant apps saves the users from annoyance of first downloading the app and then determining its usability. With the option of an instant app, users have the flexibility to install only those apps that fulfill user’s expectations and needs.

In addition to that, mobile users do not even need to install the full featured app if the preview of instant app fulfills their purpose. The best part about instant apps is that it loads as fast as a web page would and delivers the experience of using an app. Fast loading and easy accessibility are the main attractions of instant apps.

NFC support of instant Android app

Yes, you read it right. These instant apps will support NFC for ease of usability. Let’s take the same example that Kirkpatrick used to explain the usage of NFC feature in Google I/O meeting 2016. Suppose you are at an internet connected parking plot that requires you to pay the toll online through an app.

Now, you as a visitor, would obviously not wish to keep that app in your mobile phone that occupies unnecessary space. In such a situation, instant app that supports NFC comes in handy. Simply tap your phone on the NFC-featured parking meter, use the instant app to pay the toll and move out conveniently without any hassle. With this example, one can get an idea of how and when are instant Android apps used.

From the developer’s point of view

According to Google, it will be fairly simple for Android developers to get an instant app version of their already existing apps. It may take a day or even less for experienced developers to come up with an instant app. This time frame may not hold true for all the apps. It majorly depends on the size and complexity of the app.

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