Mobile Gaming Trends

Mobile devices have taken the gaming industry by storm and consoles are having a hard time against the mobile games. Users are moving from costly consoles to mobile devices where most of the games are offered for free or less than a dollar.

Since its evolution in 1994, the mobile gaming industry has seen many changes. Many more changes are yet to come. Some of the most popular trends that may change the mobile gaming industry in 2013 have been briefed out here.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud computing is the fastest and cost efficient way for players to reach out for the desired games. Everything is easily accessible through this technology, all you need to do is just connect to internet. In 2013, the cloud is expected to become the heart of mobile gamers for exploring new and interactive games.

Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games are very much in demand, when it comes to mobile games. Furthermore, this year will bring a new wave of developing hardcore and gambling games. Games with an ability to let two or more players fight and bluff against each other will be the profitable area for the developers. Therefore, the developers will now focus on creating multiplayer gaming sessions for the players.

More Sequels

As competition in the mobile gaming industry is increasing, games have become more expensive to develop. So there will be a significant rise in the amount of sequels and licensed work. Given the lack of investment in the gaming industry, developers will move to sequels. It will help majority of top developers to double up the profits through sequels of the existing hits.

Tablets Against Consoles

With sensational games along with deep storyline available on tablets, the selling of tablets in comparison to consoles is going to increase significantly. Moreover, the iPad Mini and Windows 8 tabs will further increase the selling of tablets globally.

As a result the number of core games designed specifically for tablets will also increase. Already a drop of 25% has been noted in the sales of video games.

Freemium Games

Moving to the freemium games has become a trend among the developers as it helps them make more money than the paid ones. Most of the users download the freemium games as they are free of cost, but after a certain time or level these games compel them to buy the in-app features. So most of the developers are now relying on in-app purchases to make money rather than selling the games directly.

These trends are changing the way games are being distributed and marketed in the industry. Mobile gaming is one among the most profitable industries. If you have an innovative idea in your mind that could shape into an amazing game just hire mobile game developers who could work as per your ideas. Success will definitely follow you.

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