Top ReactJS Tools

If you are a software developer, the tools that you use daily actually surpass the original languages you write code in. When you dedicate a significant amount of time in programming, you must have discovered and used some of the most amazing tools which have significantly improved your productivity and efficiency in developing applications with ReactJS.

Here is a list of such tools which will be immensely useful during ReactJS development

React is basically a declarative, supremely efficient, and a flexible frontend JavaScript library that is used for building seamless user interfaces. With ReactJS you can compose a complex set of user interfaces from minute and isolated pieces of code that are called components.

ReactJS was developed by Jordan Walke who was a software engineer at Facebook. Initially, he released an early prototype of React which was called ‘FaxJS’. It was first made live on Facebook’s News Feed in 2011. Later on it was deployed on Instagram in 2012 and was open-sourced at JSConf US on 29th May 2013. ReactJS is maintained by Facebook and a community of developers.

The library has become the developer’s choice as it has topped several polls and is highly demanded by several companies today.

Create React App
With that Create React App, you get the quickest way to start developing a React project that has modern features included out of the box.

As a developer you might have the knowledge to create a TypeScript project using CRA. All you have to do is is add –typescript at the end:

npx create-react-app — typescript

This saves will help save you the trouble of manually adding TypeScript to your CRA projects.

Guppy is quite a friendly and a free application manager and task runner for React that runs on the desktop. At first glance it may seem that developers of Guppy want to prioritize people who are newer to developing in React. However, it might also be useful for advanced developers.

The tool provides a friendly graphical user interface for many typical tasks that React developers face regularly. They may include creating new projects, executing tasks, and managing dependencies. The support for Windows was added in August 2018, so you can be assured that it’s cross-platform.

React Extension Pack
One of the more popular Visual Studio Code extensions pack for React development, this tool contains the following extensions and is constantly updated:

  • Reactjs code snippets – It will provide 40 snippets for all your generic needs and 34 propTypes-specific snippets. If you are too lazy to do the math for yourself, this adds up to the whooping total of 74 snippets for you to stop wasting time writing so much and start being more efficient in your day-to-day tasks.
  • NPM IntelliSense – Adds IntelliSense for npm modules in your code.
  • npm – Run npm scripts from the command palette and validate the installed modules defined in package.json.
    JavaScript (ES6) Snippets – This set of snippets contain an astounding another set of over 40 snippets. But, they’re not specific considering you’re working with JavaScript after all, it is a definitive must-have in order to speed up your process.
  • ES Lint – with this extension you get the support for the command line tool by the same name. It will integrate it into your IDE and manage to improve your syntax, set up your own coding style and even find and even automatically fix errors for you..
  • Search node_modules – With this extension you will be able to easily find the module and open it in your editor. It will save you a lot of time.
  • Path IntelliSense – helps you auto-complete the path for your local imports. It is a time-saver especially when you’re not the only one working on a big project, and having to remember all paths and filenames, making this a big headache..

While React permits you to assemble parts in a definitive manner, imagining these segments become reliant on the application itself and it’s conditions.

Storybook is a UI advancement condition and play area for UI parts. The instrument empowers designers to make segments autonomously and grandstand segments intuitively in a segregated advancement condition. ~ Docs

Storybook runs outside of the fundamental application so clients can create UI parts in disengagement without stressing over application explicit conditions and necessities.

Why Did You Render
The Why Did You Render monkey patches React to advise you about avoidable re-renders.

This is extraordinarily valuable, not just in controlling you to execution fixes for your undertakings yet additionally to assist you with seeing how React functions. What’s more, when you have a superior comprehension of how React functions, it makes you a superior React designer.

This is hands-down probably the best instrument accessible to get your hands messy with React quicker than the speed of a squint. This apparatus, called CodeSandbox, is an online editorial manager that lets you make web applications from model to arrangement — all from the site!

CodeSandbox initially just upheld React in the previous stages however they’ve presently extended to extra starter layouts for libraries, for example, Vue and Angular. They additionally support launching your next React web venture by making ventures with normal static website generators, for example, Gatsby or Next.js.

On the off chance that you’re less into code and more into visual plan, at that point perhaps React-Proto is the apparatus for you. With it you can model UIs utilizing drag & drop as opposed to composing code for it.

Try not to misunderstand here, you’re not making a full UI without coding by any stretch of the imagination, this is intended for prototyping the parts you need. Furthermore, to do as such, you’ll start from a picture, and with this device you’ll stamp every potential segment, give them names, props and a pecking order. When done, you’ll have the option to send them out into real auto-created code which you can later alter.


The tools that are mentioned here will help you improve as a ReactJS developer significantly. React has the ability to skyrocket any business almost instantly with its powerful features. Are you ready to hire ReactJS developers and make the magic happen for your business?

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