iPad Apps for Fitness Freaks

Are you a fitness freak? Want to stay in shape always? But may be, you cannot afford a personal trainer. Do not worry, as your iPhone or iPad could help you achieve your fitness goals for free. Many types of fitness apps have been created in the iPad apps development industry. Here we are mentioning, some of the best apps that may replace a personal trainer.

ThinQ Fitness:

It allows to access over 400 professional exercise fitness videos, articles and blogs by experienced trainers. User can search either by a keyword or perform an advanced search to get the required item. Details of the videos like title, description, duration and images can be viewed.The user can also make a list of favorite videos. In this list, new videos can be added and existing ones can be deleted. However, for playing a video you need your device to be connected to the wifi network. The app is absolutely free and also easy to use. You can pause, rewind, fast forward the videos, all at the touch of a button.

Charity Mills:

This app not just helps you get fit, but it also helps you donate to various charities. For every mile that you walk, run, or bike, you will earn money. This money will be donated to the charity of your choice. You just need to download the app and turn it on. Select a charity and start walking, biking, or running. Once you are done, click ‘finish’. For every mile of walking or running, $.25 mile will be donated to the charity. The amount will be $.10 for biking. This app will motivate you to workout for a noble cause.

Ghost Race Light:

This app helps you beat your personal best workout record. You just need to set the distance and pace you would like to beat and get ready. This app keeps track of all your workout activities including the distance, speed and time. This info is used to create a virtual ghost, so every time you start running you can compete against your own ghost. While working out, you can monitor your progress with a built in history storage function.

All these apps are being downloaded everyday from the apps store. So what are you waiting for? Just download these amazing apps on your device and get started with your workout. Now, you will be able to monitor your fitness on your own.

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