Android Apps for Tax Calculation

The end of financial year is very close and it is the time to file the income tax. Generally, at this time of the year,  we make frequent calls to chartered accountants and tax planners. They help to solve our tax queries related to tax saving and also help calculate the tax. But now, you don't need to get the help of a CA for your tax calculation. All you need is an Android smartphone and a smart tax calculation app. The best of these apps have been briefed out here.

Think Tax

This app has a great user interface along with superb functionality. You just need to enter your details like salary break-up, investment, savings etc and the app will calculate the amount of tax you need to pay.  Its not just that, the app will even give links to pay tax online. You can also create your account to save, share or mail the results to others. The app also provides links to e-file and pay tax online.


It offers a wide range of tax calculations by entering details of personal income and savings. The EMI calculator feature allows the user to check the status of interest payments and EMIs on loans. Its Loan reduction plan helps finding out the number of payments to be made to complete the loan. Using this app, you can also calculate your cost of living after a certain year on the basis of your expenses. The most interesting feature of this app is a Crorepati planner which helps to plan for becoming a crorepati by a certain age of the user's choice.

My Tax India

It is the perfect app for those who want to save a certain amount of money from the tax liability.  It instantly calculate the tax and works on tax splits to decide the amount of money you should invest to save tax on your income. It also allows to export your tax details in your email and share it with other users. This app supports multiple user entries. The graphics are amazing and every result is displayed as an infograph. This makes it easy to compare and understand the numbers in an easy manner.

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