Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Have you ever thought of the ways to keep the audience of your blog visit again and again? Obviously with over 900k fresh blog-posts publishing every day, competition is not an easy task. Yet, to create a blog that audience want to read on regular basis, is not so hard. One just have to keep in mind that the blog post content should be interesting as well as easy to ready.

In this post though, I have focused on how you can get better results from your blog by using latest WordPress themes plugins. Moreover, being in regular contact with WordPress plugin development experts and WordPress development server professionals, I can say that these WordPress eCommerce plugins will keep the performance of your blogs higher than they are now.

Here I am sharing my top 10 WordPress plugins with you, to augment the Social Media sharing of your blog-posts and blog performance:

Digg Digg - Simple, yet Powerful

The best plugin for sharing your post. As per study, this plugin increases the social sharing by seven times, if added in the blog. Moreover, you can also have the latest sharing button options like Pinterest and Buffer.

Hello Bar - Transform your Audience into Customers

It is quite powerful plugin as it let you add a small line over your blogpost. It not only assists in promoting the products or events, but also keep the track of the number of clicks you are getting through promotions.

WP Touch - A Mobile Friendly Touch

This WordPress plugin ensures that if a visitor is coming on your blog through Smartphone, then he/she will have a wonderfully formatted site in front of them. With complete set of customization options, you can make your blog, mobile user-friendly.

Sexy Bookmarks - All in One sharing

This is one of the most fascinating plugins which I found last year. It allows addition of a ton of different social bookmarking buttons on to your blog. In this, you have a customization option, so that you can include a small line of text for promotion, adding a personal touch on your blog.

W3 Total Cache - Get your Blog 10 times faster

Often said that, if your blog takes time in loading, you loose your audience. As per recent searches, this came out to be true. Figures suggest that, the traffic of a blog decreases by 20%, if the blog takes time in loading. Therefore, I suggest the addition of W3 Total Cache plugin on the blog, which increase the loading time of your blog up to 10 times.

The Slide - Keep your audience longer with you

One of finest plugins to keep your audience on to your blog for longer time period. In this, a slide goes from top to half-way, as you read the blog post. The slide contains the links of the blog posts relevant to the one your audience is reading, thus keep them glued to the blog.

Twitter/Facebook, Follow or Subscribe

Everyone knows this and no one can deny it - These are two most vital elements for a blogger (I believe). It might be possible that many other people may have given this tip, but there are still large number of bloggers who are still not good in using these.

These easy to implement plugins offer a flawless method to increase your followers or subscribers, without leaving the page.

All in one SEO Pack - One and Only One

There are a large number of SEO plugins, you can find over the internet for your blog, but if you want to experience most reliable, then opt for “All in one SEO Pack”. Especially if you are entering the world of SEO or not so well-versed with the same.

This plugin generates meta tags, optimize post tiles and detects the duplicate content. Therefore, even if you are not good in SEO, you can still do good.

Social Metrics - Get Real results of your performance

It is really very handy plugin. It provides a dashboard inside your WordPress interface, and enable you to track the performance of your each post. As far as my results comes, my blog posts works better if they have interesting content.

Social Media Widget

This plugin allows you to post your social media profiles in your blog. If you want to add all your social media profiles in your blog, this widget enables you to add all at ones. Also, you can customize your icon of Social media accounts, thus giving a personalized touch.

Those are the 10 best WordPress plugins, according to me. With each of them making a good effect on my blog, I hope this will be of great assistance to you too.

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