Top 10 Smartwatches

Smartwatches. Pedometers. Virtual reality headsets. Health Monitors. – They’re all a part of wearable technology that promises to change the way we communicate. Smartwatches are becoming as popular as smartphones.

Here are some out of the crowd wearable devices:

Pebble Time:

This is the most highly funded Kickstarter. The next-generation watch features a new color e-paper display along with a microphone that responds to the notifications. Pebble Time, being compatible with all 6500+ existing Pebble apps, has a battery life of about 7 days. It is water-resistant and customizable too.

It seems that Pebble has focused on a timeline approach to the interface and it looks to work really well. Color adds a good effect to the notifications that appear on your wrist.

Pebble Time Steel:

After releasing the first new model for 2015, Pebble came up with a new version – Pebble Time Steel. It has the same screen and design, but comes with one or two surprises. The watch comes in silver, black and gold. The Steel version of this version has a larger battery life than the regular edition. Pebble claims that it can last up to 10 days on a single charge. Isn’t that amazing?

Leather and stainless steel smartstraps are available and they can be customized by adding a third-party sensor. Even if you need GPS, heart rate or something else, customizations are possible to be made.

LG Watch Urbane:

This one came out of the Korean company and it is one of the best-looking smartwatch. The stitched leather strap along with metal body give a flawless look to the watch. It is powered by Android Wear and there’s an option of heart rate monitor in it.

It comes with a 1.3-inch round P-OLED display with 320 X 320 resolution. You get a wide range of sensors along with the PPG heart rate sensor.

Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch is a round Android wear device that looks like a legit watch. It contains some pricy materials like its sapphire crystal face. This watch has a hefty and thick build. The screen is an AMOLED 1.4-inch display at 400 X 400 pixels resolution in 286 ppi at a 10,000:1 high contrast ratio. The price has not been announced yet.

The watch includes 4 GB of storage, Bluetooth 4.1 compatibility and 512 MB RAM. A physical button lies near the 2:00 mark. It also functions as a fitness tracker as the sensors can notify whether the person is running, sleeping or biking. Heart-rate sensor continues for all-day tracking.

HTC Grip

As it comes with GPS built-in, it offers accurate tracking while running and cycling. It is made up of waterproof plastic material and comes in three sizes. Its screen measures about 1.8-inches and makes it easier for the users to swipe back and forth to view all the menu options.

HTC Grip receives notifications from the smartphone when you get the texts or calls. It is possible to send prerecorded responses from the band. Some simple apps available for the Grip are calendar, weather app, music controller, etc. HTC claims that Grip has a battery life of about 2.5 days. Though it can be worn all day long to track the activity, it is better designed to running outside or on treadmill.

MyKronoz ZePhone

It features Android 4.2 operating system. It has a SIM slot for a 3G card and gives access to all of Android apps. What makes it different from other smartphone-cum-smartwatch is that it features a heart rate monitor and it’s got GPS and Wi-Fi too.

Just like Google Now, everything is voice controlled. The battery will last for about 3 days when full charged.

LG Watch Urbane LTE

LG Watch Urbane LTE is the first 4G smartwatch. The users can make phone calls, send emails, text messages and do anything they want to. The shape and design of the watch is same as that of the standard LG Urbane watch. The only difference is that it doesn’t run on Android Wear.

LG Watch Urbane LTE comes with its own operating system, webOS. It looks a bit bulky and so, people having skinny arms should avoid this. It runs on a 700 mAh Battery.

Huawei TalkBand B1

Huawei TalkBand B1 has a fitness tracker along with a Bluetooth earpiece. It has a great battery life too. The headset doesn’t measure heart rate. It comes with a 4GB internal memory that is enough for storing about 1000 music files. It can last for about 12 days on standby or three days with regular use.

Huawei TalkBand B2

Being a successor of the TalkBand B1, the TalkBand B2 has a 0.73 PMOLED touchscreen. Instead of plastic and rubber, it is built on a metal dock and TalkBand B2 comes in two different types: A cheaper version that costs $169 and a premium one that with leather strap costs about $ 199. The only drawback of Huawei TalkBand B2 is that the letters are too small and the screen is not just bright enough.

Acer Liquid Leap+

This second generation wearable known as the Liquid Leap+ does everything one can expect from a fitness device. The steps taken, the calories burnt, your sleep minutes, distance traveled, etc. It lacks any buttons and hence, the users need to double-tap and swipe through the screens with your fingers.

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