Application Development Trends

The technology is undergoing an overwhelming change at a faster rate. This implies that the application development field is also facing a great evolution bringing in new trends. The emerging new application development trends are so fast that before the former trend reaches the maturity point, the advent of a new one over lapse the previous one.

Lets have a look at the emerging trends of the application development in the year 2013 that can help developers to find new paths for innovation and development of unique apps.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an emerging trend for application development. Higher performance computing is moving towards cloud. The year 2013 could see the high demand of cloud, where the efficiency of computing computing will be taken to the next level.

The hybrid cloud environment allows the application to run in a private cloud and later work in the public cloud, where the demand is high, saving a lot of resources and investment. So, developers can look at the cloud computing as most effective resource.

Evolving User Interfaces

Advancement in the mobile and desktop technologies have enabled programmers to explore the different arenas of user interfaces (UIs). Research and development in the UI options such as voice, touch, gestures and motion sensor are all under the process of development and will soon conquer the mobile world. Software developers have to think of such alternatives in order to leverage the potential of software products.

Location-based Community

FourSquare and Facebook-places are gaining huge popularity for the past few years, due to integration of GPS with mobile devices. Such development shows the importance of the location-based apps among businesses and individuals. This trend is growing as it shows the great acceptance in the various areas such as health-care, education, hospitality, entertainment and travel.

Mobile Technology

The use of mobile devices is increasing tremendously as the people want to stay connected in this fast paced world. According to a report, the value of online business on mobile will grow to $10 billion by 2013.

So, the app developers have the new battlegrounds such as Android, iOS, Blackberry OS and other mobile operating systems to win. This makes mobile technology to be paramount for the future of mobile app development.

There will always be different trends emerging with the passing time. So, the app developers have to be always eager to grasp such technologies and ready to adopt them.

Moreover, the increasing use of these technologies in the market will definitely open up new avenues for innovations and developments. Well, these are some of the emerging trends in application development for the year 2013, which the software developers should consider.

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