iOS Weather Apps

It happens sometimes that we plan for a day out with family on a weekend, but cannot go out due to the unfavorable weather. Again, it is very common that we are on our way to office, and all of a sudden rain starts. Have you ever experienced the same? Then, download these apps on your iPad or iPhone, to make sure that the above incidents doesn’t happen again.


This one is among the most popular weather apps at the Apple app store. Its features include current weather, hourly forecasts and 15-day forecast. It has an amazing user interface, efficient functionality and is really easy to use. It even provides health forecasts that include weather conditions which may cause allergies, migraines, asthma like health problems.

This app also enables checking the conditions at a friend or family members locality. The user just needs to pin the required contacts to the radar map to see the prevailing conditions of that place. One more special feature of the app is the ability to add the forecast directly to an integrated calendar so that the user doesn’t need to open the app again and again to check the weather.


This application provides the access to world’s largest network of detectors for checking the weather phenomenon, alerts and more. WeatherBug provides the exact forecasts of user’s nearby areas and across the world. The app helps the user by providing the rapid, highly advanced system, driven by the biggest weather forecast network.

The updated UI of the app is equipped with a new slide-side navigation, live tailored tiles, added with various features, such as Spark lightning alerts and themes. Through the live Cams, the user can view live images from large number of weather cameras across the country. It further helps to get a better picture weather at destinations near or far away from his location.

Yahoo! Weather

This app use images from Flickr, and show photos of the user’s area as the background, along with time of day and current weather of the area on the home page. In short, the default screen shows the weather of the current place at a glance. Moreover, there is a big temperature indicator for quick view of the prevailing weather.

By simply scrolling down, the user can check nearly every detail about the weather including the daily forecast, the weekly forecast, an expandable radar map, wind and pressure, added with the time of sunrise, sunset and the moon phases. The navigation of the app is also very easy to understand.

The Weather Channel

This app has nearly every feature that a person may look for in an ideal weather app. It enables the user to glance at the hourly, 36 hour, and 10 day weather forecast and get quick access to Weather Channel local and regional video forecasts.

Moreover, the app provides severe weather alerts and a dynamic map that could be used to check everything from rainfall to ‘feels like’ temperatures and the UV index. The new layout of the app offers an opulent home screen, adorned with a wallpaper matching the  current weather conditions (e.g blue skies, rain, and snow).

So, get these superb apps, check the weather and plan your day out, with friends and family. You can also hire an expert iOS Apps developer to create more creative and unique apps exclusively for you.

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