N-tier Methods for Applications

Reducing complexity by new innovations is the universal rule in any industry! In the field of web development, IT professionals keeps on making changes to make web activities simpler. For application development, developers use to separate application architecture in certain layers for making desirable changes in each layer. Earlier there were two architectures Client/Server & Thin-Client and N-tire is known as extension of these two. N-tire application architecture is technical name of dividing the application into certain layers or tires.

Commonly developers prefer breaking the application architecture into three & more tires or layers such as presentation, business, logic and database. Making the application more flexible and re-usable is the main motive of the developers in breaking up the application architecture into tiers. Breaking up the layers help developers for making changes in the application or any modifications instead of writing the whole application again.

Developers all over the web world use various technologies in developing N-tier applications such as ASP.NET framework, J2EE framework etc. For developing good N-tire applications professionals use to make certain objectives such as for changing data access methods there should not be any effect on client side-code.
Professionals make sure about standard query language (SQL) elimination from client-side code as well as table & column names.

Professionals use to make simple coding on client side ignoring too many functions and creating classes & function calls.

By using N-tire architecture it becomes simpler adding functionality without disturbing client side code.

N-tire web application development architecture has made the work simple for the developers in the field of application development. Using this architecture under professional guidance is very fruitful for online business applications.

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