X-Cart for Retail Store Security

Every business has its own priorities for using any technology! Using open source products could be different according to business nature and other related factors which decide the appropriate open source technology for particular business. From the series of open source products X-cart is also efficient content management system which is serving variety of business requirements for the last few years which commonly used by retailers for their online store management.

Generally it is seen security of data and error-free payment system is essential in eCommerce websites. To achieve data security and smooth payment system, merchants involved in online retail business use to prefer those technologies, which provides high level of security and fortunately there are various open source technologies doing this work efficiently.

According to technology experts X-cart open source software plays very efficient role in providing security to online retail business, it supports various technologies for providing security. Security is required in transmission of data between two entities of online business such as merchant’s server and client’s machine. For purchase of products and other related commercial activities buyer use to enter some confidential or sensitive information on the web pages, at that time X-cart automatically provides security to entered data. For securing the entered information X-cart uses technology like SSL (Secure sockets layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) between merchant’s server and client’s browser. There are various browsers use to support 128-bit SSL encryption. X-cart provides access of administrative panel secured with password and interruption detection system.

The wide area of X-cart software in the eCommerce world

  1. X-cart provides customized services in shopping cart development
  2. X-cart provides security to shopping cart
  3. Provides Multilingual facility in development of storefront
  4. Provides error-free shipping calculation facilities
  5. X-cart provides integration and modification facilities

From the business world there are number of industries and individuals who are using X-cart Development features such as retailing companies, export-import companies, distributors/wholesalers, store owners, etc.

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