Retail Industry is Shifting towards Mobile: Future and Beyond

Retail is one of the most dynamic industries that is witnessing an upward growth trend. And this growing demand is facilitated by online ecommerce and mobile technology that is playing a pivotal role in creating the sweeping digital transformation modulating the shopping behavior of consumers worldwide....

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written by Albert Smith for Application Development, Retail IT Solutions section(s).


Virtual Reality Solutions for the Retail Industry in the Holiday Season

Virtual Reality Solutions for the Retail Industry

Virtual reality (VR) solutions are helping retailers add new elements to assist shoppers make purchasing decisions in this holiday season. Every year retail IT solutions and online shopping reaches...

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written by Albert Smith for Retail IT Solutions, VR App Development section(s).


Infographic: How Augmented Reality is Helping the Retail Industry

Coined in 1990, Augmented reality (AR) is gaining prominence in both consumer world and enterprise ecosystem. After the stupendous success of Pokémon Go several brands from different industries are experimenting with emerging technologies. You can see remarkable transformation with Augmented reality application in the retail industry.


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written by Albert Smith for Augmented Reality, Retail IT Solutions section(s).


IoT Development Solutions for the Future of Home Automation

IoT Development Solutions

Imagine a world where each and every device of your house is connected and the seamless connectivity helps you lead a better life. Right from lights, thermostats, garage doors, water system, home security system, Internet of Things solutions allows controlling all devices by a...

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written by Albert Smith for IoT, Retail IT Solutions section(s).


Importance of Apache Hadoop in the Retail Industry

Apache Hadoop Development


Retail companies across the globe have focused on reaching out to audience and understanding their preferences. It is all about anticipating changes in customer behavior and developing consumer-centric solutions.

With the rapidly increasing competition and growth of diverse new channels, the retail industry is now...

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written by Albert Smith for Big Data Services, Retail IT Solutions section(s).