Celebrate Thanksgiving with iPhone Apps

It is that part of the year again, to rejoice the winter breeze with friends and family. The much awaited holiday spirit kick-started with Thanksgiving.

Spice up your day by making scrumptious dishes for your guest. Plan it in such a way that everything is ready before they arrive so that you can spend sufficient time together.

However, there’s always a big question to complete the entire Thanksgiving platter within a limited period of time. Every little details deserve attention when making the Thanksgiving spread. An easy solution is to go through iPhone apps which are specifically developed to plan events. Let’s go through some of them:

Food52 Hotline

With Food 52 Hotline, you can relax even if you are in a situation of last minute cooking. Without panicking simply use this app to get answer to your urgent questions. Just like what ingredients to use, which dishes to prepare in an hour etc. Pick any of the dishes that complements your choice among the database of 14,000 dishes in Food52 Hotline. Also you can call MVPs for expert advice on food and cooking. Now, don’t worry if the number of guests get added just before an hour.

Appetites’ Easy as Pie

Pie adds up to the sweetness of Thanksgiving day. With Appetites’ Easy as Pie you can prepare 20 different pies, doughs, and toppings. Use videos of various recipes of Pie featured in this app  and within 5 hours your pie is ready to be served.

Delectable Wine

Thanksgiving is incomplete without wine. To remember or search world class wine is time consuming and a tedious task. Delectable Wine will need just a picture of the last wine you had tasted and missed to note its name. Upload the picture and this iPhone app would fetch vintage, winemaker and wine name from its extensive database.


To donate the left over food would be kind cause specifically on thanksgiving. If you want to give away food take a snap and upload it to the LeftoverSwap. Users will go through the map and check what’s available. Those who are interested can send their comment on the uploaded picture.

Wishing you a blessed, ample and happy Thanksgiving from Hidden Brains team.

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