Payment Gateway for eCommerce

Error-free online commercial activities are fundamental attributes of any ecommerce website and most responsible factor for ecommerce success. Modern online market place is consisted of busy customers and they prefer simple, fast and error-free ecommerce systems for purchasing, so they expect multiple options and effective payment gateway system from website for trouble free commercial transactions.

Payment gateway is integral part of shopping cart in any ecommerce website, without payment gateway integration no commercial payments can be made or received. As it is only mode of automatic commercial transactions between customer & merchant increases its sensitivity and importance, its error-free functioning provides sense of security to customer as well as merchant.

Ecommerce websites can be designed using various prevailing programming languages and development of shopping cart is part of these websites. For making good shopping cart, integration of secure payment gateway is very essential for the success of ecommerce website. Website developers can use my SQL database & PHP programming language for effective combination of ecommerce solution and there are numbers of payment gateways available such as PayPal, WorldPay, Paycom, 2Checkout, Tripledeal, Linkpoint etc. It solely depends on the developers which language and database they are using and how effectively they can do integration of fault less payment gateway in the shopping cart of ecommerce website. The degree of fault free functioning of ecommerce website depends on:

  1. Technical expertise of the developer
  2. Appropriate Programming language and database arrangement
  3. Perfect integration of payment gateway in the shopping cart for easy process of accepting credit cards
  4. Use of SSL (secure socket layers) for running ecommerce sections to provide security to customers

Fault free payment gateway as well as easy user interface and strong admin for the administrative control is also very crucial for success of ecommerce websites.

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