Open Source Technology

With the way the tech world is changing, more and more businesses are moving to open source development. Open source customization provides the ability to create innovative and creative applications that could suit the business needs of any organization. It involves tailoring open source CMSs or scripts like Joomla, WordPress, OsCommerce and Mambo to grace the website with superior looks and functionalities.

WordPress and Joomla are the most commonly used open source tools for web development. WordPress is most common software preferred by the bloggers across the world. The seamless user interface of the tool makes content writing, publishing and organizing very easy and quick. It can be used to make a full featured website with functionalities like E-commerce, forum and Job-portal.

Joomla is a web based software that allows creating impressive websites even without the knowledge of of HTML, CSS or PHP. Its admin interface gives more control over look and feel of content in different parts of the website. There are numerous other amazing open source software as well; all having their own special features and functionalities.

Various companies employ open source techniques to set up their websites or improve the already developed ones. In the web development world there are numerous open source products available for creating vibrant websites and other commercial web applications.

The use of these technologies helps cutting down the expenses in the development of the websites or applications, to a great extent. It is because these open source tools are available for free of cost.

Customizing the open source resources consumes lesser time as compared to writing code for the entire set of features in the application. Customization can be used in every aspect of web development right from mere templates to high end CMSs, CRMs etc. With a customized open source service, the users can eliminate the chances of problems like lack of good documentation, user training problems, lack of product support etc.

Furthermore with this approach, users get the freedom from vendors and they are also free to change software. Open source customization has a huge community to support it and help the new developers. The amateur developers can get help to solve their queries, debugging problems, technical solutions and for regular updates.

Furthermore, those who are looking for an economical system that might require changes or additional functionalities within a given budget, must seek for open source customization services. Because, if they choose to buy a commercial software, not only they will have to incur the initial cost of buying, but also more money will be wasted on adding extra features, getting technical support etc.

With several open source technologies available in the market, there are many options to choose for web applications development. For customized web app development, you need can hire expert developers, who can build flexible, powerful and scalable websites and applications.

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