Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins: Prevent your Website From Getting Hacked

WordPress has emerged as the most preferred choice of entrepreneurs for developing business websites. If numbers are something to be believed, every day on an average 500 websites are being created using WordPress platform.

Reasons for Rising Popularity of WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most popular content management...

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Open Source Technology Trends 2016 – What’s there for you?


Open source technologies is set to play a pivotal role in 2016 when it comes to modern computing, particularly in application development and IT infrastructure. As per Gartner Report (2011) Hype cycle for open-source software, “By 2016, open source software will be in mission-critical software portfolios...

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Are you ready to embrace Magento 2?


Magento 2 has generated a lot of buzz in the ecommerce world.  It is not just a product update, rather a comprehensive rewrite of code. The code base of Magento 2 is very modular and has been updated to use current technologies.

But things have not...

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Quick Guide on Top 5 Trending WordPress Plugins

Trending WordPress Plugins

WordPress was launched in 2003 - a flexible content publishing platform which have been downloaded more than 60 million times till now. The popularity of content management systems enlighten the usage of plug-ins with which users can work best in improving the SEO of their site. To control over the comments, spam and article...

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Making Online Business Dynamic with ColdFusion

ColdFusion Technology

Using mature programming language for your business website development is better alternative! However IT is in continuous process of producing various software programming languages for the website development but still it requires professional expertise to use appropriately for the optimum utilization. Professional understanding of using programming languages for website development according to nature of...

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