Android Apps for Twitter Users

Twitter has significantly changed the global scenario of social networking through smartphones. There are over a million Twitter apps available at the app stores. With so many Twitter apps in the market, it can be a challenge to find one that fits all of the needs of a user.

Most of these apps utilize all of Twitter’s features, but they do so in different ways, both aesthetically and technically. So here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Twitter apps available for the Android platform.


This one is a simple app with an easy-to-use and quite sophisticated user interface. It has almost all the features that a Twitter user may be looking for. This lightweight and well designed app has a superb set of features ranging from tweet filtering to Geo-tagging with Map preview to color labels to mark tweets from all important people.

It has been designed to display as much of the user’s timeline on the screen as possible. It allows customizing the display as per user preference, and is lightning fast in operation. The app has already been downloaded over 5,000,000 times and has almost 50,000 reviews (rated as 4.5/5 stars) at the Google Play store.


This app is ideal for people who use social media a lot and have multiple accounts to keep track of. The app enables managing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and other social networks from the same interface. It is known for its auto-tweeting facilities. Moreover, it features a built-in link shortener service.

Its column-based layout can be customized as per user preference and the tabbed interface just adds to the convenience. It is an extremely solid app with a cool and dynamic user interface.


Those who like the plain and simple layout of the official ‘Twitter’ app will love this app as it has a similar simple and pretty layout. It offers a ton of filtering and customization options, and even has a similar color-coding system like Twicca. It supports multiple accounts, tablets, and has a great widgets and looks sharp.

It also has the capability of showing the Facebook feeds. There is a bar at the top of the screen with buttons to refresh the feed, compose messages and access settings. By swiping right from the feed column, a vertical menu is displayed that allows easy access to search, favorites, trends and lists.

The app also allows adding columns based on hashtags, mentions, favorites and more. The popup for Tweeting outside the app looks like it was designed with precision.


One of the best features of Tweetcaster is its ability to ‘zip’ tweets. Zipping tweets allows hiding the tweets of some specific people without the need to unfollow them. This feature is useful when some people begin tweeting like a madman and it floods the user’s timeline. So instead of unfollowing them, he can just zip the tweets of those people until the storm subsides.

The app allows making updates to Facebook, but in order to connect the Facebook account to Tweetcaster, the user first needs to add a Twitter account, compose a tweet and then tap the Facebook icon that appears, thereby signing in.

There is a ‘speak to tweet’ function that types the tweet just by speaking. The ‘Search Party’ function narrows down the search while finding a particular topic from among the millions of tweets. ‘SmartLists’ function easily lists and groups people as per user preference.

There are numerous other Twitter apps also available at the Google Play Store. Some are nothing more than a Twitter RSS feed while some are really good. Here we have covered the most useful ones among them. So just give these apps a try and you will know how an Android app builder can help socialize your life in a better way.

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