Have you heard about Beacons? This technology was first brought to light by Apple in 2003 and since then Beacons gained popularity owing to its usefulness. iOS app development service providers started building app based on iBeacon technology, which were easily adopted by Apple users.

Following this success adoption, even Android app development service providers started experimenting with apps that used Beacons. Beacons, when they were newly launched, came in the form of wireless devices. Now they are available as stickers, making it convenient to place them anywhere such as on walls or any other object.

Where can Beacons be used?

Beacon technology is useful for diverse industry sectors, though not many have explored it yet due to lesser known facts about it. One sector that has greatly benefitted from Beacons is Retail. Big retail outlets deploy Beacons to inform their customers about latest offer and promotional deals without any special efforts.

Big names in the Hotel Industry such as Starwood Hotels are employing the power of Beacons to rule out room keys. Airlines industry also leverages the power of Beacons to improve communication with customers. From corporate events to trade shows, Beacons have worked wonders in all arenas.

What can Beacons do?

Beacon is a technology that alerts nearby mobile devices when a customer enters or leaves the prime location. Using this location specific technology, businesses can entice customers by notifying them of newly arrived products and special deals.

Beacons are most useful for retailers as it assists them in catching the attention of people that pass by the store by flashing enticing offers and discounts. Personalizing the offers and express check out are some other things that are possible with Beacons supported mobile apps.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Communication

Beacons communicate with apps using Bluetooth low energy signals. BLE is mainly used for transmitting data over short distance. These signals emitted by Beacons are detected by smartphone apps, which then deliver the message to the mobile user.

Beacons – A Revolution in the World of Customer Engagement

Beacon technology has completely changed the meaning and level of customer engagement. It gives personalized experience to users and makes them feel valued. Thus both customers as well as companies are at benefit with the use of Beacon technology.

Some Unknown Facts on Beacons

Though Apple was the first one to develop the iBeacon standard, it does not make Beacons. Some names in the manufacturing unit of Beacons are Kontakt, BlueSense, Gelo and Estimote. Eddystone is Google’s Beacon standard, which has been adopted widely across the globe.

Considering the scope and usefulness of Beacon technology, many industries are unleashing its power for increasing their sales and rapport with customers.