Firefox Marketplace for Android Apps

Android users will love to try the new alpha version of Firefox Marketplace, the Mozilla Foundation's new online store for mobile apps based on web technologies. It seems that this new platform will give totally a new dimension to android application development industry.

Announcing the Marketplace, Mozillans wrote in a blogspot - "We created the Firefox Marketplace to allow developers to build, distribute and monetize rich, impressive apps that use Web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS."

Since, Mozilla has yet to add features like reviews, ratings, and payment processing – in short, everything that a perfect app store includes; it's not apt to call Firefox Marketplace a “Store.”

The mozillans further added that this bazaar isn't for everyone. At this early stage, the marketplace only works with Firefox for Android Aurora, the bleeding-edge alpha version of Mozilla's mobile browser, which is at infant stage that it isn't available in the Google Play Store.

Android app developers can download Firefox Aurora from Mozilla's website, but even though, they have to endow apps from 'unknown sources', in their settings before they are installed.

The android apps are built on web technologies but when you download and install them, they simply act just like native apps. You have to launch from a menu in Firefox Aurora, but once they're running, the browser tab and UI disappears and you're left with something that looks and behaves more or less like any mobile app.

Further – the Mozilla mavens write - "This release gives developers a means to get feedback on their apps as the Marketplace grows and progresses,"

In future, Mozilla's work on the Firefox Marketplace for Firefox Aurora helps lay the foundations for Firefox OS, the open source group's planned operating system for low-cost smartphones, which is based entirely on web technologies. So, it's too early to say whether android developers will be able to offer android app development services based on this OS.

The Mozilla Foundation concluded with the statement that it plans to release further alpha, beta and Firefox OS versions of the marketplace throughout 2013.

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