Mobile App versus Mobile Website

With every other person using smartphones and tablets to stay connected. It has made the businesses to hire web developers, who could help to mark their presence in the mobile community. However the question they are facing is whether they should do it through a mobile app or a mobile website. In fact, there is a huge debate on this topic as both of them have their own set of pro’s and con’s. Before deciding on whether a mobile website or a mobile app is best for the marketing of a business, let us understand the difference between them.

A mobile website is similar to a usual website in that it is a series or structure of pages that can be viewed within a browser. The design and content of such a website is created to fit and work well within the mobile devices. Just like a usual website, it can display text based content, images and videos. Some special features like click-to-call or location-based mapping (using the GPS) can also be included. On the other hand, mobile apps are tools that need to be downloaded (for free or on a cost) through an app store like Apple App store or Google Play. These apps get information from the internet much like a website. Sometimes this information can be downloaded directly to the app so that it can be accessed later in the absence of an internet connection.

The main benefits of choosing a mobile website is the compatibility, easy updates, and liberation. Owning a mobile website is also affordable for companies and easier to be discovered by users. The main drawback of a mobile website is its restricted functionality and usability. It can be accessed via a browser only. On the other side mobile apps offer rich functionality, cohesive user experience, full interface control and mature performance. Mobile apps also offers many additional features like notifications, GPS, video, audio, etc. Drawbacks of these apps include difficult updates, which require further installation.

As per experts both these websites and apps may work hand in hand. Creating a mobile website can enhance the user base and lead them to download the app too. The website can work as an introduction of your business and the app can prove to be an ultimate engagement tool you can have with a client. In short, mobile websites inform the people and mobile apps create an enduring relationship with them.

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