JAVA technology for Building Websites

In the field of information and technology there are some mile stones that cannot be ever denied by anyone who is anyhow related to web development! From the view of developers java provides them some of best services for web development of web in many ways. Java has been widely accepted by IT intellectuals all over the web world.

There are various reasons behind popularity of any technology, some are popular for their services, some are well known for their cost reduction advantages and many more reasons can be seen for the popularity measures. The most important factor is long time survival with regular updates and flexibility to adjust with current requirements of changing environment.

Java was introduced in 1995; its syntax is similar to C and C++ and able to run on any java virtual machine (JVM). In year 2007 most of the java technologies was made available free under GNU (General Public License) by the manufacturers Sun Microsystems.

Java language was a planned result of manufactures and they had set certain goals before manufacturing such as language should be simple to understand, object oriented and familiar for everyone. For providing good base it should be strong & secure for the users and high performance execution. Another feature of Java is an automatic memory management, for providing this facility to users manufactures have used “automatic garbage collector” to manage the memory.

Web server is very essential element for distribution, to increase the functionality of web server and for access of existing business systems java manufactures used Java Servlet Technology. Servlet technology helps to extend the functionality of web server. Another quality of the Java technology is its portability that allows the program written in this language to run on any supported operating-system platform. There are number of libraries integrated for the different uses such as graphical user interface library, collection libraries for the database, XML process libraries, libraries for internationalization & localization, integration libraries, etc.

For the past many years java is serving all over the web world with its unique features and it is accepted by developers widely for the application & software development for numerous industries.

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