How Mobile Technology is Redefining Marketing?

The global mobile internet user penetration has exceeded half the world’s population. The average time spent accessing online content from a mobile device such as a tablet computer or wearable is increasing among Millennials.

Gone are the primitive days when marketing was limited to newspapers, magazines, door-to-door…

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written by Albert Smith for Marketing, Mobile section(s).


App Store Optimization: Make your Mobile App Noticed by Focusing on Vital Components


Has your mobile app failed to give expected returns post its launch in the App Store? Why is it so? Was there lack of efforts from mobile app development company’s side? It’s easy to play the blame game, but is it ethical to make someone responsible…

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written by Albert Smith for Apps, Marketing section(s).


Step into the Digital World: Experience the Magic


Look around and make a list of items you see around you. If you are at office, your list may comprise of laptop, desktop, Wi-Fi routers, modems, tablet to record your attention in and out timings and so on. However at home, the list has slight changes…

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Google and Facebook Take Steps to Curb Fake News Sites


Ever since the U.S. presidential results have been out, two of the biggest technology giants are battling with criticism over how fake news might have influenced the presidential election’s outcome. The mounting criticism forced Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to take over the social network’s website…

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written by Albert Smith for Marketing section(s).