iOS 7’s Lockscreen Bugs

The software giant Apple has recently launched its latest iOS 7 with new features and lots of improvements compared to its previous versions. Although there were tons of security improvements; there still remains some of the major loopholes that Apple needs to consider. However, for the time being, it seems there’s no immediate bug fix for iOS users.

LockScreen Bug Hijacks Shared Photos, e-Mail & Twitter Account

One of the major flaws in the latest iOS 7 is about iPhone lockscreen. Anyone can access a locked iPhone and hijack photos, email or Twitter.

Anyone can run this bug by simply sliding the lockscreen to access the control center in the iPhone, and then opening the alarm clock. By holding the sleep button, an option to switch off power with a swipe appears. Instead, the hiker can “cancel” and double click the home button to enter iPhone’s multitasking screen. This offers access to camera and stored photos apart from access to sharing photos option from user’s account. This in-turn allows anyone to use email, Facebook, Flicker or Twitter account.

LockScreen Call Bug Allows Anyone to Call from Locked iPhone

One more security bug related to phone call was found on the updated iOS. Anyone having the physical access to locked iPhone with iOS 7 operating system can simply push “Emergency” on the lockscreen that brings the emergency calling display. On this, one can dial any number and swiftly tap on the call button until the phone reverts to an empty screen with Apple logo at the center of the screen and then can make the call to that number.

“Once the black screen appeared, it was pretty clear that this is a bug,” says Daoud. “You can dial a number anywhere, any time.”

Daoud, a CEO of a marketing and business development firm in Palestine, has tested this trick successfully and has even shared the video online.

Memory Issue

This is yet another flaw that Apple missed to correct as the new iOS 7 update requires at least 3.1 GB storage to be installed in your iPhone. So, in order to upgrade your iPhone to new operating system, you have to make room for more storage by deleting items in the usage settings. It may also cost some of your favourite apps.

Apart from these bugs, there are some more glitches that Apple has not rectified or has overlooked it. Here are few of them, which you can notice while operating your iPhone with iOS 7.

  • On using the iMessage, the user’s text message bubble doesn’t load properly.
  • You can find inconsistent capitalization of |space | and |search|
  • While tweeting using your tweet card keyboard, you will see that the “return” key is missing now.
  • When you check for your battery indicator in the iPhone it displays the wrong readings.
  • Keen about proper alignment? Then, you will be disappointed with the typography in the alarm clock. As the font size is not up to the mark.

Well, these are a few slips that Apple couldn’t able to fix. While you wait, let’s see how fast the software giant will bring its new update with some quick bug fix remedies. Till then, stay tuned for more news on Apple and iPhone.