iPhone 5c Market Analysis

Rumors are circulating that Apple is trimming its iPhone 5c production facing drastic drop in sales. Much of the speculations say that this has been due to lower quality production of iPhone 5c apart from other features that paved to the failure.

Let’s search the market what has drastically declined the power of iPhone 5c.

First of all, we can’t say that it is totally a flop. Most probably, Apple has cut down the production of its smartphone prior to the launch of the new iPhone version. The smartphone giant usually keeps a gap between the production and launch of its two smartphones in a lineage.

As per the market sources, the higher priced iPhone 5s is on 2 to 3 week back order, whereas 5c version can be shipped within 24hours, which clearly states that Apple concentrates more on iPhone 5s production.

Another thing to consider is Apple never discloses the sales figure of its individual handset models as it only reports data on iPhone sales as a whole. Even if iPhone 5c sales are poor, it will combat by the strong market of iPhone 5s. Well, market analysts only focus on the overall sales of iPhone, which indicates the rising sales graph of product line.

Above all, still we can declare iPhone 5c a big flop looking at the following reasons:

No Sane Color option

iPhone 5c comes in white, pink, yellow, blue and green. There isn’t any black, space grey or charcoal option, which is widely opted by the consumers. Black being the most preferred color and not offering this option might be hampering the sales ratio.

Old Model Dressed New Clothes

The iPhone 5c is a just a new handset, which is essentially a re-badged iPhone 5. For those already owning an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, there is not much difference beyond the color. However, for the one who are running a non-retina display iPhone, this is surely an upgrade.

Price Shock

Apple declared the 5c version at affordable rates but when the devices flowed into the market, it lists an unlocked 16GB iPhone 5c at $549, which is just $100 less than a 16GB iPhone 5s. You can pick unlocked devices at lower rates but the official price is too high which had invariably put some of the people off before reaching the handsets.

Stuck with One Color

iPhone 5c can be dressed up in different color plastic skins or with third party cases but for the actual color of the handset, you need to stick to it till the duration of your ownership.

For the trendy teens and youth, this seems little bit distracting with the trend of not sticking to the same color. Thus, this concept in 5c version of different colors has set back.

Pink color handset being high on sales in UK, followed by blue, green, and white, it seems yellow was the worst hit as only chosen by one out of every 100 buyers.

Second Best

The most popular notion in the market about the iPhone users is that they are swayed by style, and owning the latest and greatest handset is a status symbol.

There is no contradiction that iPhone 5c is a new handset but with iPhone 5s as the flagship, had an impact making 5c version less popular and inferior.

To conclude, we have Tim Cook record stating that it doesn’t fear cannibalizing its own products. Overall, whether people are buying iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, Apple is on the winning edge both the ways as people are eager to own Apple products.

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