Personal entertainment through mobile games is emerging as passion with the launch of iPhone 3G games for modern mobile users! Mobile users of all age group are fond of interesting games and recently they have shown great craze for iPhone 3G games, iPhone users’ are looking for different and desired games for their sets.

Gaming industry once again is charged up and innovative and creative game developers have started creating new technologically advanced games for modern lovers of mobile games. In the arena of iPhone 3G games development three dimensional accelerometer, 3D touch screen processor have made the gaming more fascinating for the iPhone users.

To understand the various aspects of game development one should know what is MAC OS X? For the development of games , game developers use various platforms, among all MAC OS X which  is recognized as best platform for the development of a variety of interesting & quality games.

In the matter of frameworks there are three frameworks commonly used by the game developers such as Cocoa, java and carbon which helps in accelerating the game development. Under MAC OS X games development for porting exciting games developers can use OpenGL, OpenAL and Velocity Engine tools.

Moreover, with the help of ADC website which is providing various tools, SDKs, sample codes and documentation developers can develop compelling games on MAC OS.

High performance graphics is the essence of game development, under MAC OSX games development OpenGL plays an essential role; actually it is industry standard for development of “cinematic” 3D graphics as well as it is also recognized for exceptionally high-performance 2D “sprite” graphics in the world of games development.

There are various cross platforms used for the video playback, audio and 2D image loading for further image formats, games without sound is lifeless, so for games matching sound is very essential and to provide high-performance multichannel environmental sound OpenAL is providing power to Apple’s Core Audio API under MAC OSX.

For display management on MAC OSX, CGDirectDisplay API is normally used by the game developers and it also provides classes for the work of detailing, querying, and manipulating to attached displays.

Hence, under MAC OS X game development there are various tools used by the game developers, each one is having great responsibility to provide their respective effects in games. Above-mentioned tools are few core tools which commonly come under MAC OS X game development and used by the game developers.

Fascination of exciting games in the mobile phones is increasing rapidly and new innovative games are continuously providing fun to game lovers.

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