In the website development, Introduction of CSS has made the efforts of developers quite easy of building the website smart by using colors fonts and layouts separately. In fact, CSS (cascade style sheet) is the language particularly designed to add style sheets in the document presentation.

Commonly it is applied by the developers of the websites to add the styles in the web pages written in the HTML & XHTML for making them more attractive. CSS also can be applied to any kind of XML document for adding styles.

The most vital advantage of using the CSS by the developers is that it helps in separating document of main content (written in HTML) from the document of presentation (written in CSS language); this separating advantage help developers to do the website development work more tediously and easy to understand.

Separating the content document from presentation document help developers to improve the accessibility of content; it improves the control & flexibility for defining the specifications of presentation characteristics, it reduces the degree of complexity as well as structural content repetition.

Using CSS in the website design & development has brought simplicity and time saving element for the developers. Earlier, website developers used to do long coding for adding style in each web page separately such as if website is having various web pages, then developers use to write code of styles in content of each page separately, which ultimately results in repetition and more complex code as well as time consuming.

On the other hand, CSS needs to be implemented only once in code of the content, which automatically reflects in all pages, means developers need not to add the styles separately for each page. These CSS sheets has drastically reduced the complexity as well as saved the precious time.

Simplicity in website development increases when CSS can be provided by various sources such as it can be either embedded in the HTML code as well as allowed to attach in the separate document from the main content.

Multiple & different CSS can be embedded & attached and can be named like “external style sheets” (in form of separate document), “embedded style sheets” (blocks of CSS information inside HTML document) and inline style sheets can be added inside HTML code for specific element of web page. Moreover, simple syntax consists of various English keywords which specify various style properties.

CSS specifications are maintained by popular W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which makes the CSS a reliable product for increasing style in the website development and there are various versions serving the global developers all over.

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