X-Cart Modules for Online Store

Do you have an online store based on X-Cart? In that case, you can make it stand out among the other X-cart competitors by using numerous X-cart modules. These modules are tools that make an online store different from the others. These modules enable the store owner to add various types of features to the online store. These features help to attract new customers and save the existing ones. All of the above certainly increases the number of sales, thus the store profits. So let us now see, some of these modules that will help to get more sales for your x-cart store.

Follow-up Auto-responder Module

This module helps to follow up potential customers by sending mails at different time intervals. It enables sending unlimited number of customized follow-up messages automatically. These messages offer products related details based on multiple predefined algorithms. These offers are sent on the basis of previous order details, to suggest the products that the customers might be interested in.

Social Bookmarks Module

It helps the e-commerce website to get higher ranking in the search engine results. If an online store appears on the first pages of search results, it is much easier for the shoppers to find it. The rank of an online store depends on quantity of links of that site on other websites. The more bookmark the store website gets, the higher is the rank. This module makes bookmarking of the store website very easy. It supports nearly every popular bookmarking service.

Survey Builder Module

This module helps creating various surveys and questionnaires to get the feedback of the customers. There can be various types of surveys for different groups of products or even for a single product. The marketing strategy of the store can be evaluated on the basis of these survey results. This module also makes it possible to see the statistics as answered or unanswered questions, answers to each of the questions and general survey results.

These were just a few benefits of x-cart development. Many others are yet to be listed. So make sure, that you get your online store developed with x-cart. Also, use various types of modules in it, to enhance the functionality and hence the sales at the store.

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