How to Decide Android App Metrics to Ensure Its Market Fit

There are more than 17 million Android application in the Google Play Store with more than 50 billion downloads. And this stats is worth the reason for mapping the popularity and demand of Android apps.

While Android application development has emerged as one of the most successful business idea when it comes to maximizing ROI, one of the golden rule to ensure your product – the Android app (idea) you are banking your money and time on is Market Fit. This may include developing several variations before you actually determine which the best market fit is.

Understanding Target Market

One of the first mobile app metrics that determine the market fit success of an Android app is a deep understanding of the Target Market. So how do you know the best market fit Android application for your target audience?

Focus on the exclusive feature that your target market is looking for and will provide the maximum value and utility, because studies have repeatedly shown that providing value is critical for the market you are trying to serve. However, narrowing down to one or two exclusive feature can be a daunting task it will require a whole lot of research as to what your customers are actually looking for. This will prove to a valuable learning asset for you to determine the exact customer requirements, their challenges and how your Android application can overcome it.

And once your target customer is able to give you the right value proposition for your Application, and even willing to pay for it – You can be assured of getting a market fit Android app that sells and compels.

Understanding App Usage Cycle

Once your Android app is launched at the Google Play store, and actually reaches your target audience, it is the very time when the App Usage cycle starts. Here the user is either introduced to the app via app store or social media and once they are convinced of the value proposition of the app they download it and give it a try.

This is the time when mobile app metrics that shows your Android Application is a market fit comes into place.

Harnessing the Wow factor. Once the user downloads your Android app, installs and uses it to gain enough value – the ‘wow’ factor is achieved. This time is crucial considering a user’s first brush with the app, as this can make or break the impression.

Referral Time. The success of your Android app is measured by downloads, or the in-app purchases it initiates. And this is possible only when one and every user uses the application, gets satisfied, derive value and refer it to others as well – initiating the referral process.

Assess viral coefficient.  A very significant mobile app metric to measure the market fit capability of an Android app. This helps the Android app developer to calculate and understand the number of new customers acquired by the present customer (by referral) on an average.


Now, how do you ensure your Android app is market fit? Well, Android App programmers are in complete control when it comes to optimizing the metric that involves harnessing the ‘wow’ factor. While Android Games have minimum time to impress, i.e. in minutes; productivity apps can takes a few hours or days in fact. So the more time it takes to WOW, less are the chances of organic growth (via app download).

So what makes it all the more important for business looking to realize their Android app idea is to fit the App features to the user’s usage model as opposed to the initial definition of the problem. At the same time you need to understand what is it that triggers your users to get immense value from your app and work on both offline and social word-of-mouth metric to get exceptional results.

On completion of the Android app development process, most business would like to determine if the app has reached the market fit parameter. And once the metric show positive results, they can work on growing the scope of the app.

Are you ready to take your app idea to the next level with proven mobile app metrics for a successful market fit Android application?

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