Hire BlackBerry Developers

We all know that Blackberry was the first of its kind business phone. Bringing the features of corporate email, online presentation and scheduling corporate meetings, this smart phone created a demand for mobile phones in enterprise realm. The developer community provides many enticing applications for the Blackberry. There is a rise in Blackberry Apps development services due to the new breed of touch and type Blackberry phones.

Now with the advent of Blackberry 10, one can build cross platform applications for this mobile phone. The Blackberry 10 beta 3 version supports the Android OS. The Blackberry 10 Native SDK supports development of enterprise applications apart from various other mobile apps. These apps can be created through J2ME, MDS, HTML5, Adobe AIR, JavaScript and Adobe Flash.

If you are interested in Blackberry Apps development then you must master all these technologies along with Blackberry programming. There were nearly 99,500 apps available in the BB app world till May, 2012 and still the number is continuing to grow. These apps belong to various categories including games, health, enterprise, entertainment, education, news, sports, life style, fashion, etc.

Moreover, you can develop attractive apps through the use of Android which add to the existing functionality of the Blackberry phones. Plus, you can integrate third party applications as well making BB more dynamic and useful. Blackberry tools can be used with other platforms to develop multifaceted mobile applications. Even cloud based services can be developed on BB 10 platform.

Thus, if you are interested in creating Blackberry apps development then leverage its features of cross platform compatibility, third-party apps integration and the native SDK of Blackberry 10 beta version for flawless mobile applications.

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