Android Game Center

As per some recent leaks, Google is rumored to be working on an Android game center. As per AndroidPolice, a tech blog, the team behind MyGlass, the Google Glass’ companion app has mistakenly revealed an APK with some information that hints towards an Android game center. This upcoming game center could change the scene of Android gaming.

The mistakenly revealed APK file includes features like multiplayer support, notifications, in-game chat, achievement tracking, lobbies, community leaderboards, and pre-game chat rooms. As per AndroidPolice these game services probably are not connected to Google Glass in any way as Glass cannot run complex apps. It seems that the team working on Google Glass accidentally revealed the full suite of Google Play Services with this app.

Among all the features that the accidentally revealed file features, the multiplayer support is the most interesting one. This feature allows both turn-based and real-time multiplayer gaming options. The real time multiplayer gaming could use the in-game chat feature. The code also shows that players will get notifications when it’s their turn again. The players will be able to invite their friends. The ‘lobbies’ feature will enable chatting before starting a game while ‘leaderboards’ will allow to track the progress against other players and ‘achievements’ will allow tracking one’s personal progress while playing the game.

This whole scenario includes nearly every gaming feature that could possibly be imagined. This game center could also be revealed as soon as Google’s I/O developer conference this May, or it could also take a bit of time. Whatever be it, this upcoming android gaming concept could change the entire world of android gaming applications.

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