Google came up with an important announcement: a new entry in the world of app building market. This newbie is named as ‘App Maker’ and has managed to garner attention of most businesses since its successful launch in the market.

What is App Maker?

App Maker is a tool or service that enables people of an organization to develop and use in-house enterprise applications with ease. This addition to new G Suite offering has a clear motive behind its launch: to make it simpler for developers to build basic mobile apps for internal business operations.

Why should Developers Use App Maker?

It is important to understand the utility of a tool or development environment before jumping to make a choice. Why should you opt for App Maker tool? What features of this tool lessen your development efforts? How does it add value to your development work?

Whenever something new is launched in the market by technology giants, they come forward to explain its usefulness to people. Google does the same and highlights some interesting features of App Maker:

  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Minimal coding required
  • Cloud-based development environment
  • Built-in scripting editor for enhanced coding
  • Support for customized scripts

What to Expect from the App Maker?

Google’s App Maker comes with a promise to allow people build apps easily, say, in a jiffy. With simple drag and drop widgets and extremely easy to use interface, App Maker makes it possible for anyone to develop an app.

Enterprises can benefit from App Maker by using this tool to create quick apps that serve a specific purpose inside an organization. This tool allows you to build a user interface by using the data from G Suite applications, Contacts and Groups, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendar.

You can leave all the worries associated with infrastructure aside with such easy populating data from Google databases. Further, the data that is generated from App Maker is stored in new structured database called as Google Drive Tables.

With this product coming from Google, the synchronization of App Maker with other services of Google such as Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Groups, Google Translate, Google Forms, Google Maps, Google Sheets and Google BigQuery comes as an added bonus.

Imbibing enterprise mobility should not be a task for mobile app development company anymore after this important announcement from Google.

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