How good would you feel to use a messaging app that understands your style of writing and gives suggestions for quick replies? Fantastic, isn’t it? Allo is an instant messaging app developed by Google that imbibes some mind blowing features that take your chatting experience to an altogether new level.

Let’s explore how expressive and indulging is the new chatting app:

1. Quick and Smart Reply in your Own Style

Think of getting personalized suggestions for replies while you are chatting to your friends, that too in your own style and acronyms. Doesn’t this sound magical? Google takes a leap ahead with Allo to understand its audience better and provide an enhanced messaging experience like never before.
For example: Consider your friend just forwarded you a joke, Allo comes up with suggestions ‘lol’ or ‘hahaha’ or ‘hehehe’ based on your personality and frequent usage. Thus, the more you use Allo, the more personalized it gets!

2. Say it Loud or Whisper in Chats

Expressive your feelings via messages become much easier with Google Allo allowing you to adjust the size of text. Be loud by sending larger font size text messages and let the secretive messages be whispered by smaller sized texts.
A scroll bar to the right allows adjusting the font size of text messages in Google Allo.

3. Stickers Speak more than Words

The craze for stickers shows no sign of going down. Google Allo spoils its user by making available an array of creative, unique and eye-catching stickers. Typing text is now an old-school thing; using stickers instead is the current trend!
When words fall short, stickers come at bay!

4. Scribble on Photos: Doodle Fun

Highlight a portion of the image by doodling over it. Play with colors and scribble over pictures like never before. Use your creative mind to customize the image in your own way and add a fun element in your chat with the enormous flexibilities offered by Google Allo app.

5. Google Assistant

Call it Google assistant or your personal assistant as it allows you to get information on anything to everything right where you are, without the need of exiting from the current app. For example, chat with your friend regarding a dinner plan and get suggestions on nearby restaurants from Google Assistant by addressing it as ‘@google nearby restaurants’.
Even your personal secretary or assistant could not serve you as good as this Google Assistant. Make friends with Google and it will never ditch you!

6. Personal chat with Google Assistant

Who can be more reliable than Google? Ask your query to Google Assistant via one-to-one chat and see how fast and responsive it is! Check out your flight schedule, nearby cafes or restaurants or route to reach the airport by asking a simple question to Google Assistant.
This AI empowered chatbot eliminates the need for you to open the browser or install other apps to get information on a variety of elements.

7. Go Incognito

Be assured of the end-to-end encryption of messages by entering incognito mode. Chats in Google Allo are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) to inculcate the features of discreet notifications and message expiration.

Success of Google Allo

Google Allo tops the Play Store with over a million downloads so far. The app enjoys 4 star rating from its users who have been enjoying limitless benefits of Allo. Download the app in your phone and experience the new messaging interface at first hand!

written by for Mobile section(s).