Game Making Tools for Web Based Games

With the evolution of technology and software development, new techniques and engines came into the market for game development.  These game programming tools remove a lot of technical aspects of building a game. Thus, easing the process while removing the common errors. These tools allow you to preferably focus on just building the game.

Listed below is some of the most useful game programming tools for creating interesting web based games.


ImpactJS is one of the best tools that removes game development’s programming barriers much. Being HTML – JavaScript based game engine, it includes the wide range of effective tools such as a web-based level editor, support for assets, collisions, animations and a command-line tool for completing your game before its release. Developed by Dominic Szablewski, this web game tool helps you program your game effectively.


Built on JavaScript runtime, Node.js is a programming platform for building scalable, and fast networking applications such as web based multi-player games. This event driven I/O framework allows to execute numerous independent background processes in a non-blocking way. The powerful server-side  JavaScript engine makes node lightweight and perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.


An open source game engine tool – Crafty JS is distributed under MIT and GPL licenses. Powered by different engine capabilities, it aids in building exceptional classic games such as Asteroids, Connect Four and RPG. Offering a better approach for game development without long chains of inheritance, Crafty JS helps is preferred by most of the programmers. Having easy to understand structure and proven codes, this open web technique is highly used for cutting-edge game development.


Having power of Unreal Engine 3 and countless versions, the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) is a professional game engine. Full-featured tool, UDK allows to create games with great flexibility. The most prominent features of this programming tool is artificial intelligence, destructible environments and built in networking. Providing a wide range of content creation tools, core technologies, and support infrastructure content, UDK is a modular framework for building games in different genres.


Not well-known but Akihabara is one of the most powerful Javascript game engines. Including a set of libraries and tools; it is used to create web based “pixelated” 8/16 bit era games. It comprises of many modules and make use of small subsets of HTML5 features. Unfortunately, this game tool lacks the well structured documentation necessary for various adoptions.

Game programmers most probably use some or the other game programming tools for creating the most interesting games. These are just few of the game engines, what other game engines do you use. Do share with us.

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