Facebook’s F8 Announcements – What it means for you!

Finally, the wait for the much-awaited event – F8: Facebook Developer Conference is over. On March 25 and 26, 2015 at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA; Mark Zuckerberg announced new features and updates to Facebook platform. After successful reign of 11 years in the social media circuit, the Facebook platform strives to be more than just a single app. In fact, the social network sees strength as an interconnected clan of experiences – acquired, developed in-house and tapped in from outside.

Mark Zuckerberg Announcing Facebook F8 Event

Some of the highlights of the event includes the social networking major opening up the Facebook Messenger platform for developers to add more functionalities to it, besides introducing Analytics for Apps to help the developers improve their apps.

  • Enhance Functionality for FB Messenger
  • New Realtime Comment System
  • Analytics for Apps
  • Parse for IoT
  • LiveRail
  • Spherical Videos
  • FB Embeddable Videos

Enhanced Functionality for the Messenger Platform

Enhanced Facebook Messenger

Facebook will now opening up a new Messenger Platform for developers that will allow 600 million users to create and share the content with third-party tools and communicate directly with businesses. The social network launched Facebook Messenger as a platform to allow developers to add certain features such as goofy voice changers, drawing pad, etc. It is also working with a few partners for business chat and we can expect some updates in the near future as well. This move will help third-party developers and businesses can help to improve the communication between you and the world.

New Realtime Comment System

Facebook's New Realtime Comment System

New Realtime comments system helps to keep conversations in sync across Facebook, on websites that use its embedded comments and on brand pages. The users can now see comments both on web pages and the replies made in real-time. It is expected that unification of comments will help social platform managers track conversations easily.

Analytics for Apps

Facebook's Analytics for Apps

Users access your app or website from multiple devices. Facebook Analytics helps you get answers to questions such as: “What percentage of people in Australia that installed mobile application ended up by purchasing on the website?”

  • Make smarter decisions: Understand the steps people take for using your app and identify the areas that cause people to drop off. This would help you find new ways to retain the people by building better user experiences.
  • Gain insights about the users: You can see age, country, gender, etc. of the people using your app. Get information about the people who have “Added to Cart”.
  • Improve your product or app marketing: As it possesses campaign measurement tools, Facebook Analytics helps you measure the lifetime value by ad campaigns.

Facebook’s new analytics tool is a great solution for small advertisers who want to track the performance of the app install campaigns on its platform.

Parse for IoT

Parse for IOT

Facebook launched Parse for Internet Of Things at F8 – The Developers Conference with the vision for a connected world. It is a set of SDKs that act as the backend brains for IoT projects – compatible with Arduino first, with other platforms on the way. Parse is all set to provide support for the React JavaScript Library making it easier for React developers to access and store data from Parse. Developers can keep a track of issues with their API requests with the help of a new debugging tool.

Facebook expands LiveRail

Facebook Expands LiveRail

Facebook is planning to expand LiveRail, the video ad platform it procured last year. LiveRail is “an ad exchange that fills ad space within apps and sites to the highest bidder”. At Facebook’s F8 developer conference, it was announced that LiveRail will now support mobile display ads along with video, and will also allow you to tap into a pool of anonymized Facebook data to determine which ad to show.

Spherical Video

Facebook Spherical Video Feature

Facebook is all set to support 3D, spherical video in News Feed and Oculus Rift. The feature allows you to pan around the video with your mouse cursor. In short, it is like strapping on a VR headset and opening up a 360° spherical video – experiencing like you are almost there. Although the exact specifics are not yet known, we can expect 360 degree video support for the end users.

Facebook Embeddable Videos – Now a Reality!

Facebook Embedded Videos

The users will now be able to embed their Facebook videos on other sites just like you do in YouTube. This is surely a clever move made by Facebook at F8 event. Want to upload something to Facebook and also on your blog? That’s possible! Paste the code into your blog and make it happen.

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