Facebook Develops Applications to Match the Indian Market

Facebook has travelled a long journey since 2004. Statistic says, Facebook had only 8M Indian users in 2010 which has increased to 114M. Due to this Facebook is looking forward to focusing on India for its growth. As per the Economic Times, 84% of India’s Facebook users are access the site from their smart phones. Keeping up with this trend, Facebook is developing applications, especially to match the Indian market. It started with a launch of a missed call application which is not yet available in the U.S.

Facebook Loves India

Facebook has always been the first choice of social media in India. Dan Neary, vice president for Facebook in Asia Pacific told the Economic Times that, “Everyone gets that offline is moving to digital and within that mobile is the biggest component.” In the U.S., mobile consumption of data is estimated to beat TV viewership over the next 12 to 18 months.

The growth of Facebook in India reminds the occurrence of Google’s first social media platform – Orkut. It reached out to people very quickly, but most of the Orkut users were from Brazil and thus, it became a favorite social media platform for Brazilians. Orkut was incessantly flooded with the Brazilians that Americans started quitting their accounts. Meanwhile, its competitors like Facebook and MySpace, started creating their brands in the markets. Though, Google never intended to generate its business through Orkut, but investors would surely prefer to Facebook. As Zuckerberg’s social networking platform is accelerating smart business by million dollar acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp, it will always be in demand even if their primary business is in danger.

Facebook is facing less response from the U.S.A since 2012 and it continuously affecting the growth of the business. However, India has been the best and it would continue to add growth for Facebook, until the local social media competitor rises in the market. At present, there are two other social media platforms leading after Facebook. Twitter is second followed by Linkedin in India.

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