Imagine you are trying to reach out to a website and it is more than 3 seconds and you are still waiting for it to open? Would you like to wait more? Or you would go back and hit some other website that offers similar content or services?

The latter option seems to be more logical as everyone wishes to get a prompt response instead of being kept waiting for a long time. Speed is what people look for in everything, in order to survive in the fierce world of competition.

Concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google’s AMP understands the requirement of visitors to get access to information faster and directs all efforts to quick loading of website. This concept of fast websites created quite a buzz in the online market and web development industry.

Since then, website creation and mobile app development companies are getting quite a lot of requests for building appealing cum responsive AMP websites. This makes it crucial to understand how does AMP affect the ranking on your website in Google and what impact it has on incoming traffic?

Speed Changes the Game

Website development and hosting on server is done keeping one vital point in mind: speed of website (time taken for loading). This factor gains prime importance after understanding the fact that websites that load faster enjoy higher conversion rate than those who take just fraction of seconds more.

Thus, it can be said that speediness of a website directly maps to incoming business. Clients who divert their attention to alternative site just because of slow loading of your business website eventually marks for your loss. This makes ‘speed of website’ a game changer for businesses that have dependency on online clients.

When looked at it from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view, AMP websites enjoy greater chances of success than others. It becomes easier to accomplish SEO goals with AMP pages at bay. These reasons, altogether, account for increased popularity and demand for AMP responsive websites.

AMP: Easy to Configure and Use

Following are some plus points of AMP that add value to your business websites:

  • Web development is simpler when using AMP due to usage of HTML subsets and tags.
  • One common JavaScript controls all HTML codes. This dominancy makes it a cheesecake for developers to design and build a responsive website.
  • Videos and images are supported like never before in AMP, causing no lag in loading time for the website.

On a Concluding Note

In this age where people prefer digital and visually appealing content, speed of website is what gets compromised, which eventually affects the conversion rates. This problem of loading time and speed is overcome when using Google’s AMP pages along with SEO advantage acting as a cherry on the cake.

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