Enterprise Portal

A web portal is platform for bringing together information from diverse domains. It clubs small portlets each signifying a discreet domain on a single website. There are many types of web portals which includes personal portals, enterprise portals, news portals, government portals, cultural portals, stock portals, search portals, domain specific portals etc. Today we would take a look at enterprise portal development and its benefits.

In this information age, organizations need to communicate to the global audience. An enterprise portal is an effective medium of communication between the organization, its staff and its clients. Enterprise portals give accurate information about products, services, latest happening and achievements of the company to its associates, clients and staff. This information can be served in the form of different portlets on company’s portal. It can be in the form of content, videos, photos, graphics or scripts.

Enterprise portal solutions aid in workflow management, work groups collaboration and policy-managed content publication. These solutions are designed to serve B2B and B2C communication. The productivity of the company can be enhanced by customizing content for internal and external audience. There are separate portlets for the staff, the clients and the business associates. The accessibility and visibility of portlets can be limited to specific audience.

There are three important criteria for successful  development. First is the design of the enterprise portal. The design needs to be clear, crisp and attractive. Secondly, you need to have good content on the portlets. The content should be subjective to the audience. And lastly, the portal should streamline the information flow and interaction between the company and the target audience (client and staff). This is also the best way of information distribution and marketing.

To sum up, enterprise portal development adds value to the company. It enhances internal communication with the team and external communication with the partners and clients. It showcases talents and achievements of the company. As a result it improves company’s brand image and earns high ROI. In addition, it forms a bond between the organization, clients and staff. So, portal development has many advantages and you can get them all for your company by building an effective enterprise portal!!!

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