Multiplayer Android Games

Playing exciting games with friends or some other players adds a whole new fun element to the gaming experience. Probably this is what makes the developers to make amazing new multiplayer games. Here, in this article we have featured some of the best multiplayer games available at the android platform. Take a look.

Pocket Legends

It is one of the best Multiplayer games available for a free download at the Android marketplace. The Spacetime Studios has developed this game in a pick-up-and-play format. So the player can start playing an exciting MMORPG title anytime and anywhere. The player can team up with other players across the world to save Alterra from the dangerous aliens, crocs and zombies. The players can choose to become an elf, a hawk or a bear. New equipment, land and weapons can be discovered as the game progresses. The game can be played online in PvP and Co-op modes or you can also choose to play alone in Solo mode.

Words with Friends

In this game, the players need to create words and earn points on a virtual game board. Zynga has developed this game in a turn-based format. A notification box pops up to alert the player when it is his turn again. It enables playing with friends either online or offline. The player can also choose to compete against an anonymous opponent. In-game chat messaging feature has also been included in this game. The player combining the highest number of letter tiles to make words will earn the highest points and win ultimately.

Guerrilla Bob

Angry Mob Games has developed this game with sleek controls and brilliant action-based gameplay. Bob, the central character is incredibly funny and his reactions to the massacre around him are just awesome. The stunning visuals add to the awesome multiplayer game experience. It features a unique weaponry system and highly trained enemies for non stop action. The player needs to fight against many types of monsters. Arcade and Mercenary are the two modes to choose from.

All these are fun games to play with friends. They may offer you hours of entertainment. All of these are available at the Google Play store for free of cost. So just download them now and start playing with your friends.

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