Know the Exact Time and Cost to Build a Chatbot Application: End your Assumptions

Chatbots are taking a toll over mobile apps and challenging its existence. With the rapid adoption of chatbots by leading companies, majority of business leaders are thinking of building one. If you are one among them and wondering ‘what’s the exact cost to build a chatbot...

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written by Albert Smith for Emerging Technologies, IT Services section(s).


DevOps-Cloud Architecture: Exploring its Advantages for Enterprises

Cloud technology and DevOps is indeed a good combination. While other enterprises are struggling to streamline tier operations, the ones using cloud and DevOps are experiencing astonishing results and delivering huge value. In order to take the full advantage of the Cloud – DevOps combination, enterprises...

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written by Albert Smith for DevOps, Emerging Technologies, Enterprise Solutions section(s).


How Big Data Analytics is Changing Healthcare Industry

Data is all about creating business value. However, Big Data is helping to make the world a better place. And there is no better example than the healthcare. Big data has fundamentally changed the face of healthcare industry.

In order to gain value from big data, it is...

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written by Albert Smith for Emerging Technologies section(s).