Elements to Consider in the Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation

Many enterprises are still reluctant to take the full plunge into cloud. Whether it is reluctance to invest the required resources or regulatory constraints, many companies are failing to leverage the deployments benefits of cloud. It is worth noting that cloud offers a number of...

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Cloud, Big Data and DevOps in the Enterprise

Cloud Services in the Enterprise

Digital transformation is a process of integrating the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and competitiveness of existing workflows. Cloud development services, DevOps, and Big Data make it happen. It’s natural for the technology companies to utilize the...

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How DevOps is Driving Business Growth


DevOps has transcended the stage of being just a buzzword or business growth. Since the last few years, DevOps is now going mainstream and its popularity increasing at a phenomenal level shaping a whole new business world and growth.

DevOps principles of agility and continuous delivery support...

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How Enterprises can Transition to DevOps?


From startups to large enterprises, several organizations across different industries are adopting DevOps solutions & services to gain a lasting business advantage over competitors. Startups and small companies don’t carry the burden of legacy software, which allows them to quickly...

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DevOps-Cloud Architecture: Exploring its Advantages for Enterprises

Cloud technology and DevOps is indeed a good combination. While other enterprises are struggling to streamline tier operations, the ones using cloud and DevOps are experiencing astonishing results and delivering huge value. In order to take the full advantage of the Cloud – DevOps combination, enterprises...

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