Cool Car Parking Games

Parking a car in a busy street is definitely a nightmare, even for an expert driver. However, when it comes to mobile gaming, parking games are just awesome. So, here we have listed some of the best and exciting car parking games for your iPad.

Parking Mania

This game tests the parking abilities of the player in different conditions, and locations. It has simple controls; just tilt the device to turn the steering wheel, and drag pedal to accelerate/reverse the vehicle. Each level features different cars, ranging from tiny vehicles to nifty sports cars to fireman’s truck and ambulance. It start simple and gets harder as the levels pass. Arrows guide to the destination; a parking lot where the car needs to be parked to finish the level. In the higher levels, the challenge get more tough with heavier traffic, tighter turns, and multiple objectives. Hit obstacles five times and you have to start the level again. Some levels require two or three cars to be parked. The player will get money for each parked car, and extra cash is provided for the remaining time limit, and the number of hits left at the end of the level.

Dr. Parking 3D

This game rings a truly 3D gaming experience to the parking genres of iPad game categories. The game offers amazing 3D graphics, in car views and realistic game physics. With the ability to visualize the location of the car from both inside and outside, and to drive from the drivers point of view the controls give an intuitive experience. The player needs to master the controls and tackle the car to safely park the car into the available spaces. Sometimes you may get frustrated as the turning circle could be really small to move. If not teaching to drive, this game could definitely help master the basics of controlling the speed while driving.

iPark It! – Addicting Games

This one is the mobile version of the most popular car parking video game ‘Parking Lot’. Just like any other game, the player needs to guide the car through the parking lot to the flashing yellow marked parking spot. The player needs to avoid obstacles, like bad drivers, pedestrians and ambulances. Things get worst when it starts raining. Park as quick as possible to get the highest of scores with short times. There are 80 levels set in massive urban landscapes.

All these games are available for download at the Apple App store. So do not wait, just get them now and test your parking skills. In case, you want any other iPad game, hire iPad game developers who have thorough experience in game development.

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