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Medical researchers require a lot of data to make some life-changing discoveries. They also need robust data to determine individualized treatments for patients. Apple stepped up to support health innovation with ResearchKit platform, which allows the medical researchers to create apps that utilize the features of iPhone and gather different types of information no matter what part of the world they live in. Doctors and medical practitioners can obtain the patients’ data more easily than ever before.

You’ve got an iPhone – Now, use it as a powerful healthcare tool

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If you’ve an iPhone with you, it can be used to track the movement and keep an eye on your health. Users can generate self-reports by taking measurements and recording health-related information. Doctors can now perform diverse tests and trials on patients to suggest suitable treatments and remedies. The doctors and healthcare professionals can get freedom from stacks of handwritten documents. The tasks can be completed right from the iPhone. It also helps the researcher’s access gyroscope, accelerometer, microphone and GPS sensors (of patients registered with ResearchKit) so that patients’ conditions can be monitored easily.

Study made easy with Apple’s ResearchKit

Involving participants and volunteers to give consent for a large-scale study is a common problem most researchers face. Sometimes, researchers may need to recruit 50, 100 or 1000 people. That’s when ResearchKit comes into picture as it makes easier to involve people to participate in providing doctors insights regarding the medical conditions. The end result… A larger study group can be formed. The apps built with ResearchKit helps researchers track own data and also co-relate the symptoms with other health factors.

Who have been already using ResearchKit?

Who'se already using Apple's ResearchKit

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Apple worked with the leading medical researchers to have 5 different apps that used ResearchKit to get the details about some serious medical conditions and diseases.

  • Asthma Health

Ashtma App for Apple ResearchKit

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Asthma sufferers can make use of this personalized tool to gain greater insight into asthma treatment plans and avoid triggers. Personalized reminders are sent to users for the prescribed medications so that patients can experience less asthma attacks and improve the quality of life.

  • Parkinson mPower study app:

Parkinson mPower App for Apple's ResearchKit

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This useful app utilizes iPhone’s sensors to measure and track the symptoms. Parkinson mPower study app utilizes a combination of surveys and tasks so that the data before and after taking medication can be collected. Developed by Sage Bionetworks and the University of Rochester, the application helps to establish a partnership between those suffering from Parkinson’s disease and their dedicated researchers to help each other mutually.

  • GlucoSuccess:

GlucoSuccess for Apple's ResearchKit

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GlucoSuccess app, developed by Massachusetts General Hospital, allows you to participate in a medical research study that focuses on Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes. It helps the diabetes patients keep a track of health behaviors that are related to Type 2 diabetes. GlucoSuccess helps researchers get the real-world data and generate personalized insights into how the patients’ health behaviors and helps them manage diabetes.

  • Share The Journey:

Share the Journey for Apple's ResearchKit

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The application helps the patients with breast cancer log their experiences and track daily symptoms. Share the Journey application uses questionnaires and collects the phone sensor data too. Breast cancer patients can get educated about the symptoms and treatments. The app sends reminders to answer quick questions about the daily health and provide survey information.

  • MyHeart Counts

MyHeart Counts for Apple's ResearchKit

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This application developed at the Stanford University helps you measure daily activity, fitness and cardiovascular risks. It helps users to understand their own heart condition and keep their hearts healthier. Once MyHeart Counts app is downloaded and user registers consent information, participants would need to carry their devices so that the activity can be tracked.

Frequent data means accurate results

The participants may have to go into their respective research facilities every quarter. The gaps between the visits can give an incomplete picture of the patients. ResearchKit can assist to solve this problem and helps iPhone gather the data more regularly. Even if the users need the data on hourly or daily basis, that’s possible! Accurate and precise data can be made available with ResearchKit apps.

It’s an Open Source!

As the kit is an open source, the researchers can build their own apps on the ReasearchKit platform. There are several opportunities for further development and researchers would surely be encouraged to collaborate and share their apps.

With Health becoming a major focus area, companies have started introducing health-centric gadgets to mine patient data and provide tailored treatment. If you want to make a big push in the industry by creating a health app, we can help.

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