New Android Games

Are you bored of playing the same games on your Android device, again and again? Looking for some of the coolest Android games that entered the Google Play store recently? In that case, you are on the right place. The following article features a brief overview of some of the best games that recently entered the Android Marketplace. Take a look.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

This award-winning combo of Puzzle-RPG game was originally released in 2009 for the Nintendo DS, but since then it has been ported to PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS. And now, finally it is available for android users as well. This game is almost the perfect transition for the touch devices. Those who love puzzles, demons, and elves sounds will definitely enjoy the game. Along with a brilliant gameplay, the game sports a fantastic soundtrack that perfectly compliments the beautiful graphics.

Where’s My Mickey?

Where’s My Water has been one of the most successful gaming franchises by Disney. So it is not surprising to see the House of Mouse develop a variation of the game starring its dearest character, the Mickey mouse. With the presence of the world’s most famous mouse, this game introduces a whole new world of life-like physics-based gameplay. The stimulating weather mechanics and humorous animations along with challenging puzzles make the game even more engaging. Tap, swipe and swirl to help Mickey collect water and cross every stage.

Redline Rush

This game tests the driving skills of the player while driving a super sports car on high speed. The player has to weave through traffic, avoid crashes and escape the police. The game features high quality 3D graphics along with superb sound. One of the additional treats of the game is actually when the player loses, as he gets the chance to witness his car crash in slow motion with some juicy destruction. There are pick up power-ups and other ways to win a stash of coins. These coins can be used to unlock two additional locations and eight different cars drive.

All these games are available at the Google Play store. So download these games and have hours of superb gaming experience on your Android.

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