Best RPG Games

Do you love to play Role playing games on your iPhone? If yes, then you are at the correct place. This article features some of the most popular RPGs available for the iPhone users. Take a look here.

Kingdom Conquest II

It is a strategy RPG developed by SEGA. In this game, the world is shown as being in disorder and the player needs to set it right. For this, he will have to build a city from scratch in a world full of monsters. The player needs to go dungeon crawling, hack various types of beasts. Later, he has to hire commanders, make his own monster army and send units out to conquer the land around the city. While playing, the player comes across many quests that appear along the edge of the screen. Each quest has a task that needs to be completed. These tasks may include building a sawmill, purchasing monster cards, hiring commanders or something more challenging.


Bastion is a very popular action role playing game developed by Warner Bros. The story of the game is set on the scattered islands after an prophetic calamity. The player has to take the role of a warrior and  move through the floating islands and fight enemies of various types. There is an amazing range of weaponry to unleash on the enemies. The ultimate goal is to construct a shelter for yourself by collecting special sherds of rocks along the journey. The player can also upgrade the weapons to battle the beasts. Once you have finished the main story, a new game plus mode will be unlocked for you.

Infinite Warrior

This action RPG has been developed Empty Flask Games. In this game, the player takes the role of a mighty warrior who fights against numerous enemy armies. It is important to watch the on-screen prompts like blood-colored arrows or bright yellow arrows that appear on passing foreground characters – then swipe in the indicated direction. While on the journey, the player also needs to to earn and loot gold. This gold can be later used to customize and strengthen the warrior by upgrading new weapons and armor.

All these games are available at the Apple apps store. You can download them now to get hilarious entertainment on your iPhone. You can also hire an iPhone game developer to develop a game as per your concept of an RPG game.

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