Best Real Estate Apps

No matter what you think, apartment hunting is a tricky job. But, in this age of digitization, everything has at our hand’s reach with the advent of smartphones. Mobile search is one of the easiest and fastest way to search online. Searching an apartment with the help of a friend or relative, takes a lot of time. Moreover, sometimes you may not be satisfied about the apartment you have rented.

To avoid such circumstances, an android or iPhone app can be very much helpful. But, most of the time you may not even know which app is best to download that can help you to easily find your desired apartment. There are numerous apps available on Apps stores such as Google Play, Apple app store, Windows 8 Store, etc.

Here are just a few best apartment hunting apps that can help you find a dream apartment according to your preferred location and budget.

Mokriya Craigslist (Android)

It's the most beautiful and officially licensed Craigslist app. Find anything, anywhere with exclusive search filters, multi-city search and GPS based searches, within selected cities, or within 50 states and 70 countries worldwide. It helps to find an apartment on a MAP, with pretty photos and descriptions. With the advanced search options, you can check on different apartments based on price, bedrooms, location, etc.

Download at: Mokriya Craigslist (Android)

IBAX Real Estate (iPhone)

One of the smartest apps for finding the apartments throughout the country. Both the real estate agents and customers can access this app. Exquisite photos, and detailed videos help you get the better view of the apartment. This apartment finder app helps you get the exact location of the property. One of the special qualities of IBAX is that it allows you to directly view the property on the Google Map. With advanced search functionalities, you can access the most accurate information instantly.

Download at: App (Android)

It is the most eminent universal app having responsive layout. This app helps you search listings based on city, state and zip code. Allows you to find the nearby apartments through faster GPS search, and displays property details. You can even browse through unique photos, floor plans or can watch walk through videos for clear idea. Switch property results between a list view and a map; and can also get the directions to properties.

Download at: App

Real Estate App (iPhone)

With this Real Estate app, you can search the property either using a keyword or current location through GPS. With more refined search filters, it helps you to find the best apartment – whether you want to rent or buy it. Moreover, with this app you can save your search results for later reference and can even share it with your friends or relatives to get on-hand reviews from them.

Download at:

These are just a few apps that can help you find the right apartment, you are looking for. There are many more, which you can search online. But, before downloading a particular app, first you need to read its reviews and description, so you can find out, what others think about the product. Relying on this, it would be easier for your to download the right app.

On the other hand, if you are a real estate dealer; you may want to have a customized application that can help your prospective renters to locate you. For this, the best idea is to hire android apps programmer or hire iPhone app developers, who can very well understand your market needs and build a perfect app as required for your business growth.

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