Educational Android Apps

Android has one of the largest smartphone market shares with 500 million devices activated in total and still growing. Challenging iOS in every category, it is pouring in 10,000 more apps than its rival.

Moreover, it has become world’s widely used mobile platform overtaking other operating systems. Looking at its numerous advantages more and more people are using Android based devices.

Nowadays, students are also using the latest android based devices, which are coming into the market. Not ignoring this fact, android app developers are optimizing some of the apps especially designed for students. These educational apps are extremely useful and can help students in many ways in their academics.

Let us explore some of the useful educational apps for the students.


A duplicate of “ time table” app, Skedule is a cool app for students, with numerous hed features. It allows you to add instructors, courses, todos and homework. With highly interactive user interface and calendar functionality, Skedule helps to organize the overall academic structure including various lecture schedules, exam schedules and many other curriculum activities.

Advanced English and Thesaurus

Get your pocket dictionary quite handy with a huge lexical database comprising of the new words. Compared to the classic dictionary format, this WordNet dictionary is standardized with a convenient and innovative approach. The network of meaningfully related words helps to better understand the word meanings.


An excellent offline eBook reading application on Android platform. It supports different types of file formats such as CHM, TXT, PDB, UMD, HTML and Image files. Along with a real book page flip, iReader supports auto-scrolling in cover mode. You can have good reading experience with screen settings based on day and night theme.


With Mathway, you get the power of solving the most difficult math problems on your android tablet. With the free version, you can get the instant answers. Moreover, by upgrading to the premium membership, you can receive step-by-step explanations.

The various Math sections covered are Basic Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Trigonometry. With millions of problems already solved, this math app is one of the favorite apps among students.

WordPrep Flashcards

An excellent app that shows up flashcard on demand to help people learn vast vocabulary faster. One of the most promising features of WordPrep is that you can browse the words alphabetically, randomly, or sequentially. Moreover, you can even star difficult or important words, and can revise on demand. With the customizable features, the app helps you to prepare for your GRE, CAT and other competitive examinations.

These are just some of the most promising android apps specifically build for the students.Apart from these apps, there are plenty of other educational apps in the Android App store. If you have any great idea for the students app, you can share with us or hire an android app developer, who can help you run your app on the Google Play.

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