Camera Apps for your iPhone

Having a smartphone in your pocket feels great. However, having an iPhone with a capable camera, feels even better. With your iPhone, you can take really great shots in most conditions. However, having just a camera will not be enough for you, if you want a special touch in your images. To help you get better images than the usual iPhone clicks, many apps are available at the app store. Here, we have briefed out the best among them.

Wood Camera

This app has taken the App Store by storm and quickly became one of the most popular photo-editing apps at the iTunes App Store. It comes with numerous editing features like a sharpening function, photo straightening and many lenses, frames and filters. Its interface is clear and user friendly. User can see effect filters while taking pictures. It allows the user to upload the images to Facebook or Instragram. You can download this app for a price of just 99 cents.

Color Splash

It allows taking any image from the camera roll, Twitter or Facebook and convert it to black and white except for an item or area within the image. This effect enables creating an image with an eye-catching center of focus. There are four different brushes to (hard, soft edged, opaque, and transparent) to choose from when you start painting an area of the image. The adjusting sliders help to create a better contrast for an even sharper pic. The app allows the user to stop working on an incomplete image and return to it later, as the sessions can be saved. You can also undo any mistakes while working on an image. There is no limit to go back. The edited image can be saved and shared on Facebook or Twitter. It is available for download at 99 cents.


It includes over 100 effects, textures and frames that help making an ordinary image something different. Effects are categorized into urban, classic, vintage, black and white, space and others help for a better editing. Effects change the overall appearance of your image by adding lighting effects, various backgrounds, or other alterations. There are controls for modifying opacity and rotating effects. Adding unlimited layers and numerous backgrounds lets the user fill more effects to an image. An easy user interface and swift preview setup make testing the changes quick. Once done, the images can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or other social media. This app will cost you 1.99 USD.

All these apps are amazing for image editing in your iPhone. However, you can also get an app made for you as per your requirements and ideas. If you have an idea for a better camera app, just hire an iPhone apps developer and get an app made specially for you.

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